Mistress of Batin – Ivy

Mistress of Batin – Ivy

Master: Rick

Arranged earlier with her via Whatsapp and SMS which was really wonky as her BBM playing havoc with her WA.

She gave address so I tried using Garmin to find it which for some stupid reason had no such road listed. Luckily she gave a good landmark which is a old skool hypermarket, and told me to call her when I reached there. She gave instructions on how to go to her house which is really not that far from the hypermarket so in less than 5 minutes I was there.

Went up to her house, and was met with a petite lady with a toned body (nice rack for her size). Her house was a bit in disarray (to put it mildly) and like previous FRs, there were cats prowling around the house. There was a special room just for like what seems to be 20 cats! Smell of cat pee also in the air but I’m not really offended as I’m a cat person myself. Was ushered to the back room which was dimly lit..had a mattress and was told to strip and lie down. As it rained earlier, the air cond made it felt really cold. When she came in started talking. And boy, could she talk non stop. M

e, I’m used to chicks rattling off their mouth so I don’t mind people talking to me when having a massage unless I’m really tired. She started off with her pantang larang etc. all the while massaging my back using baby oil (I think). If you’re used to traditional massage you can tell that hers is the real deal..so damn good and skillful. Eased all the pain from my previous sporting activity totally. Some walking on the back included too – kampung/indo style. She’s half Thai so her face you kinda tell it’s not really pure Malay.

I have to say again, she knows what she’s doing when it comes to massage, I can really tell..it’s not like other MP where some are really amateur and just simply press press and squeeze squeeze with no effect at all. So after a good hour or so of massage..the batin part arrives..she checks your didi while you’re laying face down and can tell what your problem is. So she starts pulling and massaging the didi all the way to the head and so on. She has this knack of telling which part is problematic, my case is my left nut got problem so to prove her point she gives it a bit of specific squeeze with the lightest touch which was really painful liao! So during all this she gives you some tips as well in order to keep your didi performing 100% or even more.

It’s a really long list and you won’t remember it all but she can always email you the details later on. Anyway..dick was hard but no other service like BJ or HJ or FJ like previous FR mention so that’s that. After you’re done, she cleans you up with hand sanitizer(?) to get rid of the oil, and then with a wet warm/hot cloth so you can go back home with no trace of evidence. Haha. Anyway, going back and testing later on I can tell my dick benefited somewhat from the session with Dr. Ivy.

Massage was really the highlight actually..in conclusion WIR? Most likely for the massage until I can find a better one at a cheaper price. A bit overpriced at RM150 damage for normal massage and dick therapy.  If you have money to burn then you can continue to try have dick repair sessions with her if you’re too lazy to practice all her “petuas”..all in all 6.5/10. Won’t give rating for other stuff as it’s rather pointless I think. Face is pleasant to look at, nice body but no point rating if you don’t have full service eh?

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  1. Ajim says:

    Can your share me her number. Interesting massage. Tq

  2. Trebor says:

    Can you share Dr Ivy’s contact? Definately going to try her therapy. Thanks.

  3. Wong says:

    Hi Bro, Pm contact please and wechat also. Thanks.

  4. intec says:

    hi. share with me. 0165952647 – wkc4447@yahoo.com. thank you

  5. sifoo says:

    Hello master,pls share her ctc no.

  6. Humann says:

    Hello Bro I would like to try can share her contact pls send to my email add.

  7. Richard says:

    Hi, can share contact? Thanks

  8. Wak says:

    Bro, can you share with me her number? A lot of repairs needed.

  9. Humann says:

    Her contact please tks

  10. zk says:

    Hi, can share contact? Thanks

  11. Nicefre says:

    Share withe too thanks.

  12. denis says:

    hi , can share me contact? thankhou

  13. js says:

    hi, can share the contact?

  14. Victor says:

    hi, i would like to ask for the contact. thank you in advance. share to me please… my email is victorsama1320@gmail.com

  15. Ss says:

    Appreciate the contact. shivabgsc@gmail.com

  16. Loh says:

    Hi, mind sharing the contact? Help is greatly appreciated.

  17. Ong says:

    Mind sharinf ger contact? Would like to tey her massage

  18. Ong says:

    Mind sharing her contact? Would like to tey her massage


  19. alpha chan says:

    Bro, can please share her contact no? Really need some batin.
    Thanks 0177779983

  20. Sam says:

    Hi bro, email her contact pls.

  21. Kenan says:

    Hi..can have her contact… thank.. kenanmy@hotmail.com

  22. Steven says:

    Can I hv her contact no

  23. Steven says:

    Can I have the hp number

  24. Winspiration says:

    I sincerely would like to have her contact, can the Webmaster or anyone share here?

  25. Winspiration says:

    Please share her contact, thanks a lot.

  26. tungting says:

    her contact please tungting41@yahoo.com

  27. jj says:

    need her contact bro. thanks

  28. Vicyor says:

    Hi can share with me ivy urut batin contact vinlee1818@Gmail.Com

    Any other urut batin contacts pls share too thanks

  29. hell says:

    need to try. contact please hellmieheaven@yahoo.co.uk

  30. Alphonso says:

    Hi man! Can share dr Ivy’s contact ? Thanks man !

  31. Tan says:

    Hi, any bro kindly share the contact yltan1@gmail.com

  32. Gary says:

    Bro..pls share her contact..i liked massage..

  33. Tony says:

    Can hav contact bro

  34. Mike says:

    Pls share ctc bro

  35. Moh says:

    Hi. Can let me know the contact?

  36. Ronster says:

    That is a great report. Hope you can help me to contact her for a much needed treatment. stad.boss@gmail.com


  37. Wyman says:

    Hi, can share the contact? Thx

  38. Rajini says:

    Pls get her number. My number 0186614807

  39. Roy says:

    Please share her contact cause my didi got problems so i want her treatment please ?
    roy.justin321@gmail.com ty

  40. Cody says:

    Bro..care to share contact details
    My email codyt.84@gmail.com

  41. Raj says:

    Bro, awesome report.bravo. pls share contact. my didi need some repairs and looking for treatment.

  42. Brian wong says:

    Pm number bro? Thanks

  43. lan says:

    Pls share her contact

  44. Hikari says:

    Good Day Bro,
    Thank you for your FR.
    Can you please share her contact at setsunahikari@protonmail.com.
    Would definitely appreciate it.

  45. Jimmy says:

    Hi bro could you please share her number?
    My email jcheong100475@gmail.com


  46. Johnny says:

    Pls share her contact with me. My email. nch1225@gmail.com

  47. Shank says:

    Hi bro. Can get her contact no? Can you email me shank.prathivan@gmail.com
    Really liked your review and would relly appreciate it if can get the contact no.
    Thank you

  48. bigman says:

    hi bro pls email me her contact no

  49. Seth says:

    what is the catch to get the batin queen Ivy contact number?

  50. Aiden says:

    Dude can you email me dr.ivy contact. I need dr.ivy batin treatment thx.
    My email hongweng@live.com.my

  51. hisok says:

    please share contact bro.really need to repair.
    please emel me pssbsp@gmail.com

  52. rossi says:

    Send to me her contact at my email dj.ezad@yahoo.com

  53. Harry Style says:

    Please share the contact and send it to my email. Thank you

  54. zul says:

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  55. Pukibutomak says:

    I have tried her treatment. And I’m happy with the results. I have fully recovered and my erection has bcome more harder and solid. Those want the Dr Ivy contact can pm me at (pukibutomak17@hotmail.com)
    but there is a rules must be followed(set by Dr Ivy) and her changes is different now.

  56. Zack says:

    Hello Rick,
    Please PM Ivy’s contact.

  57. Lopez Cheng Siang says:

    Hi everyone who can share Dr ivy contact to me? i really need it ..thanks

  58. Fabio says:

    Can anyone tell me how can I contact her? Please save my didi…


  59. Julian says:

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  60. apiz says:

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  61. Jeff says:

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  62. Boy says:

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  63. Oldies says:

    Hi, mind to share dr ivy’s contact? TQ

  64. BrotherKit says:

    Hi bros,

    For anyone who is interested to see Dr Ivy for a batin session, just PM me at brudderkit@gmail.com and I will help set up an appointment for you.


  65. Ray says:

    Hi can anyone share her contact please? Thank you.

  66. Ray says:

    Hi can anyone share her contact please? Thank you. raymond_cly2@hotmail.com

  67. jack says:

    can share the contact please
    012 337 5095

  68. Vaako says:

    Hi bro, can share the contact please? Million thanks for ur kindness

  69. JimJimmy says:

    Hi, please do share the contact details of Dr Ivy to me? i would like to have a session with her to check on my props. Appreciate it if u could share to me.

  70. Fazz says:

    Hi..Can anyone share Dr. Ivy contact number please?.. Email it to paralool5245@gmail.com ..Thank you..

  71. wong says:

    really want to try real traditional urut batin… can any 1 pls share her contact? 017-2725687. thx in advance

  72. PL says:

    Share her contact please bro. 0122236939

  73. Jon says:

    can have ivy contact number?

  74. Dgan says:

    Hi can i have dr ivy contact? Pls share witb me. Thx

  75. Wc says:

    Can you please share ivy contact to me? Thanks in advance.


  76. hedonist says:

    Can you please share Ivy contact’s with me? Thank you..


  77. zaid says:

    Can you please share with me Ivy contact number. Thank you in advance

  78. zaid says:

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    Thank you.


  79. Arun says:

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  80. Kumar says:

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  87. A.Thompson says:

    Can I have her contact please? It will much appreciate! My e-mail: a.thompson3112@gmail.com

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