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Mirama Serials 🙂


During august tried jojo, yun yun, angel n fang fang

My 1st cheong
Name : jojo (local ckt, part timer)
Age : 23 (that’s what she said)

Went there with a friend (a regular to mirama). He recommend jojo.
Was nervous all the way.
Talk a bit, exchanging q n a.
Wash me thoroughly.

Look : 8/10
Body : 9/10 (small n tight, just what i like)
Boobs : 8/10 (pink nipple)
Ass : 9/10 (lentik habis)
Fk : no
Ar : no
Bbbj : 6/10 (keep hitting her teeth)
Daty : yes (did a 69, her pussy taste so sweet n smell so nice)
Fj : 8/10 (cowgirl – missionary – doggie – cowgirl – missionary – doggie)
Too nervous, couldn’t cum
Ended up with cbj
Gfe : 8/10
Damage : rm230
Wir : if i see her again, maybe


1 week after jojo, went again to mirama. This time i choose the girl myself.
Pick out a new arrival, just arrived 3 days b4 that.

She was quite friendly although with the language problem.
Sat on the bed, rubbing my dick b4 going to shower.
Helped in opening my shirt n pants.

2nd cheong
Name : yun yun (prc)
Age : didn’t ask
Look : 7.5/10
Body : 8/10
Boobs : 7.5/10 (not that big, but still ok for me)
Ass : 7.5/10
Fk : no
Ar : no
Bbbj : 9/10 (she was smiling while looking straight at my eyes, damn porno fantasy)
Daty : no
Fj : 7.5 (cowgirl – missionary – doggie – cowgirl)
That bbbj really turns me on,
Couldn’t last that long

Gfe : 8/10
Damage : rm230
Wir : maybe, too many choices there


Same week, arrived with my friend straight from work.
Okt showed around 7 girls, recommend to take Angel
Kinda short, not my friend’s taste.
Was attracted when heard about her age

4th cheong
Name : angel (prc)
Age : 19 (okt said based on her pasport)
Look : 8/10
Body : 8.5/10 (short n tight)
Boobs : 7.5/10 (small but with pink, perky nipples)
Ass : 7.5/10
Fk : no
Ar : no
Bbbj : 7/10 (nothing to shout about)
Daty : no (tried to but she says no)
Fj : 8/10 (tight)

Lasts longer than with yun yun,
But she turn the a/c off, which makes it kinda hot in the room n i was dripping sweat all over her. Maybe that’s the reason i was able to hold longer. Distracted by the heat

Gfe : 8.5/10 (hands together all the way in n out of the elevator, gave me a goodbye kiss b4 going out of hotel room)
Damage : rm230
Wir : nope, not for her


End of august. Straight from work again.
Okt showed around 6 girls.
I think i chose but was given someone else.
Nevermind just took her anyway.
Turns out to be a very nice session

5th cheong
Name : fang fang (prc)
Age : don’t know (20+ i guess)
Look : 7.5/10 (pretty but not cute enough)
Body : 8.5/10
Boobs : 8/10 (not bad)
Ass : 7.5/10
Fk : yes (the first wl i’ve taken who did it, else when i tried to kiss would just turn their faces)
Bbbj : 8/10 (nothing special)
Daty : yes (but taste kinda weird so didn’t continue)
Fj : 8.5/10
Started with missionary, the girl was quite flexible. Push her leg very close to the body.
Start to hug her, n she lick my ear(first time for that)
Couldn’t make myself cum. Asked her to do bj but don’t want.
Ended with hj, with fk n sucking on my nipple.

Gfe : 8.5/10
Damage : rm230
Wir : saw her again after that but just not cute enough for another round

What makes her special is fk n licking my ear.


Middle of september.
This time didn’t choose myself. Just follow okt recommendation
Got a new arrival

7th cheong
Name : tientien (prc)
Age : 20+
Look : 7.5/10 (good enough for me)
Body : 8/10 (with roses tattoo on her backside)
Boobs : 7/10 (not that big but with pointy nipple)
Ass : 7.5/10
Fk : no
Bbbj : 7.5/10 (nothing special)
Daty : no
Fj : 7.5/10
Too SOP, not much of an action

Gfe : 8/10 (after the action, she watched pirates of caribbean on the bed with me)
Damage : rm230
Wir : not for her


End of september, went there with 2 more friends
Our usual okt was off that day, so no recommendation from him
Already eyed 2 girls, both were taken by my friends. Damn!!
Choose a petite girl in black dress

8th cheong
Name : QQ – i think (prc)
Age : 20+
Look : 8/10 (better than tien2)
Body : 8/10 (small n smooth)
Boobs : 7/10 (nothing special)
Ass : 7.5/10
Fk : no (only got to kiss on her lips)
Bbbj : 7.5/10 (nothing special)
Daty : yes (took my time on this one)
Fj : 7.5/10
Started with my face lying on the bed. She gave light kisses starting from my back n going downward
Turn around and kisses start from my chess n straight to bbbj
Daty, cap n start from misionary
Ended with her on top

Gfe : 7/10 (she was talking more to my friend than me)
Damage : rm230
Wir : not for her

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

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