Maz@OUG – sucking with passion

Maz@OUG – sucking with passion

Master: Snooker

Booking Maz takes a few days as she’s not the most responsive and doesn’t communicate well. When finally agreed on time, she told me to book a hotel and tell her the room number. I did as instructed and suddenly she changed story, said she scared I was someone else and made me swear demi allah. So I, a pork-loving Chinese atheist, swore demi allah into my SMS. She relented but only arrived 45 minutes later. WTF.

Turns out that someone else used to prank her a lot, plus she hasn’t had customers in a very long time, so she was just overly wary. Like in previous FR, she salam and kissed my hands. Paid upfront and took a shower. We were about the same height, so easy for her to reach my everywhere. Before the action starts she asks me, the first time I’m hearing this, in these EXACT words:

“Do you want to fxck my asshole?”

I declined as I’ve never really been interested. Proceeded to catbath back and front, then BBBJ. She grabs my whole body and pulls it to her, while sucking with passion… so it’s a bodily experience, not just isolated on my dick. Asked me if I’ve had enough, I said to continue… until I’m good and ready… then the cap went on. I survived only a quick cowgirl and missionary.

We washed up again and proceeded to massage. Here she was very thorough, with a medium strength treatment. Back and front all the way to my toes. We started chatting a bit here, and from what I gather she’s really desperate for money. Which explains why she’s so ‘obedient’ and borderline subservient.

After everything was over, she salam and kissed my hands again, then my forehead and both cheeks and a quick peck on the lips. All in all, a bit scary. She even knelt down to put on my socks and shoes for me, but I said no need. Still thanking me, she kowtowed and kissed my feet. Not joking. I was really freaked out then.

She left, but I lepak a bit in the room and collect my senses before checking out. It was definitely an experience.

Name: Maz
Origin: NL
Location: OUG
Face: 4 – First impression, scary looking!
Body: 6 – Tall with wide hips
Boobs: 8 – Well-developed and firm
Massage: 8 – Very thorough
BBBJ: 7 – She holds your whole body while sucking passionately
FJ: 6 – Passable
GFE: 6 – Very subservient, which I’m not comfortable with
WIR: Not likely
Damage: RM250 (not including hotel and cd)

Location: Old Klang Road 
Category: NL

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    Contact bro?

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    Bro pls forward contact, thnks

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    Can share kontak bro? TK.

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    Anyone have Maz contact please sent it to… Thank You

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    Hi bro didi ithcy wanna try Azura pls email :

  10. Selangor guy says:

    Hi bro didi ithcy wanna try MAZ pls email :

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