Actually so many times I’ve visited her but only now I able to send the FR about her. Bit busy this few months. Sorry for that.

Can’t remember what the exact date but i do know that it’s happend at the end of July 2016 as she just came back from her hometown. Wasap her and make appointment around 12pm.

Arrived at her place. Walking up the stairs. Hold my breath as the smell from the rubbish that being thrown to the stairs really make me sick. When I was outside, I thought I already at the wrong house as it looks like the owner is Chinese. Confirm with her through wasap and she open up the grill door for me. Such a relief. She’s a bit short but meaty especially on her boobs and butt area.

Chat a while before proceed to her bedroom. Then she asked me to laying naked on the bed. Meanwhile I hear quite a loud sound from the radio that she turned on. What the heck, I’m ok with it as long my didi still able to withstand the sound.

She started with massaging my back from top till down to my legs. Then she ask me to turn over and exposing my didi. She also doing the massage at my front side. Not a bad massage. We’re chatting while both of her hand massage me. She’s quite friend. Like you’re already know her for years. Then slowly my didi erect and she played with it. And kiss it. As for me, I just insert my right hand in her lingerie and played with her boob. Even while she’s mumbling about something, I can’t exactly remember, I continued playing with her boob.

After she take off her lingerie, she positioned herself at 69. She bj my didi and the same time I daty her. Slowly Inserting my finger inside her pussy. Few minutes goes by and she start by doing cowgirl me after putting on CD on my didi. Very nice and feels so damn good. Then she lay down and I continue fj her with the regular position. Sometimes I stop a while just to play and grope her medium size boob. Playing with her perky nipple. I continued until I cum on the CD.

Before take off, I took a bath and have some nice chat with her. Hell I’ll come whenever I’ve time. Then I doze off from her house.

Originate: BAKSO
Face: 8/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 7/10 (as for me)
FK: allowed
Pussy: Clean shaven
BBJ: 6/10
GFE: 7/10
Damage: RM150

Location: Puchong
Category: NL

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38 Responses to “MAWAR’S PERKY NIPPLE”

  1. Lan says:

    Please bro give me mawar contact number

  2. Izril says:

    Hanafi bro, pls share mawar Ctc no. I am staying near Puchong to. Want to expirence this As well. Tq Bro hanafi

  3. Izril says:

    Bro pm mawar Ctc no my email
    Or my Ctc no 0136167725

  4. Mrlullaby says:

    if you dont mind, can i have mawar’s contact no. Really appreciate it.

  5. MrCC says:

    Bro,can i have the contact no?thanks!

  6. Sean says:

    Hanafi bro, pls share mawar contact no. My email is Thanks bro

  7. Azdi says:

    Share pls at or wechat azdi85

  8. shaz777 says:

    contact please.. 0166719294

  9. John says:

    Share contact please….

  10. Hikari says:

    Good Day Bro,
    Thank you for your FR.
    Can you please share her contact at
    Would definitely appreciate it.

  11. Wong says:

    Pls share the contact and email

  12. Flameater says:

    Please send me her contact no. Thx

  13. Leo says:

    Hi, could you share the contact please. Thanks

  14. Danny ng says:

    Kind share mawar contact no.Any information please call 0123723186

  15. Danny says:

    Bro, please give me her contact number

  16. Zachy says:

    Bro Hanapi…share contact bang. Tq.

  17. mrhandsome says:

    Dont mind to share her with me? I have some to excahanged. Huhu whatsapp me at 0196630211

  18. stavejuliana says:

    pls send me her contact
    tq !

  19. Zukko says:

    Pls share me Mawar contact no… I woukd like to hv service with her… Tq

  20. Razi says:

    Bro hanafi,

    Boleh share phone no, lost her ctc no,
    Is mawar still staying at puchong puteri at top level…? Or moved to other place?

  21. Erol says:

    Admin give mawar contact no.

  22. Erol says:

    Can share mawar contact no.

  23. An says:

    Bro can share mawar contact no please @ 0123757356

  24. vin says:

    Bro, can email contact number to me?

  25. Wong says:

    Mind sharing the contact?my 0182111512.Appreciate if sharing.,Tq

  26. sanusi says:

    hello brother hanafi.
    pls share mawar Ctc no. I am staying near Puchong to. Want to expirence this As well. Tq Bro hanafi

  27. jar says:

    Bro, can email contact number to me?

  28. Law Chee kin says:

    can you give me…?i need one nioe la

  29. Law Chee kin says:

    and can give me number handphone…i horny…

  30. Umar says:

    WeChat ID : jumpasat

  31. Zaki says:

    Pls share mawar conract to my email TQ Bro

  32. bob says:

    share contact no bro

  33. shah says:

    Bro.. pls share mawar cntc no…

  34. Crynaux says:

    Contact no if dont mind

  35. Weasel says:

    Share contact please

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