Malay girl – Nur(pic)

Malay girl – Nur(pic)

Master: Nao


I have never tried a NL before in my entire life and YOLO (You Only Live Once), why wait?

I’m not an adventurous type when it comes to girls, so I spent some time reading other FR to gain some tips. For some reasons I’m attracted to the FR about this NL named Nur. Ok got the number from webmaster, took me about a week to get to her as she was busy.
SMS her a night before and she said she would be free the next morning, Bingo! Couldn’t sleep well whole night anticipating her. Drove down to Puchong the next morning to the designated hotel. I checked in first and waited in the room, full of excitement and anticipation, like I could be having orgasm any minute lol… Then she called and asked me to meet her outside the lift as she couldn’t access the guest area. My cock was already rock hard, I had to clear my mind a bit. Couldn’t even walk properly and there were some cleaners outside, embarrassing moment.
Ok the moment finally came, I was expecting her outside the lift, and the lift opened, Ding!
Er…. ok… all my fantasy, expectation and anticipation dropped dead. Her look is below average and her body is a little chubby (this is ONLY my personal view, I’m just being honest. She could be your cup of tea) 
With all my hopes vanish, I could only wish she had amazing skills to entertain me. She went into shower, I was lying on the bed, still recovering from the disappointment. She is a friendly person, but it was me who malas to layan her lol…
So she came over to the bed, straight away BBBJ. It wasn’t bad, and she asked if I could tahan. To be honest, I have never cum during BJ in my whole life, and how I wish she could break my routine, so I told her she would be the 1st if she could accomplish that. Well… after a short 3 minutes BBBJ, nothing happened, I still hold my record, nothing much to be proud of, as I really wanna try to cum during BJ. So she capped me, started with cow girl and ended with missionary. To be fair, her boobs are not bad. As I couldn’t focus on her look, I tried my best to enjoy other parts of her body.
All in all it was a slightly below average experience. I was probably expecting too much


Name: Nur
Age: Didn’t ask, could be late 20s
Nationality: NL
Face: 4.5/10 (Personal view only)
Body: 6/10 (A bit too chubby for me)
Boobs: 7/10 (Good to grab)
Ass: 6/10 (Not a fans of ass, so don’t listen to me on this)
BBBJ: 7/10 (Not too bad, but 3-minute is too fucking short)
DATY: Didn’t ask, didn’t feel like doing to her. But her pussy looks well trimmed
FJ: 7/10 (Cumming in less than 10 minutes so can’t be bad)
Rush: This is funny, she kept telling me to relax and no rush, but I could see she was in a hurry to finish the business
GFE: 6/10 Friendly but doesn’t make you Jack Dawson
Damage: RM150 + Room (50)
WIR: Most probably no

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  1. syuk says:

    Would u share the phone number with me…
    Email me at

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    golden key

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    Golden key please

  5. edd says:

    no phone plizzz

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    Golden key please

  7. brader says:

    if u can, pls share the ctc no plss. thanks

  8. alpha says:

    golden key plsss

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    Gold key pls

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    Where can I get the golden key no?

  11. gun says:

    Plse gimme me the golden key and hp no

  12. brotherbee says:

    Hi bro, can I have contact pls. And also, the golden key to view pics..thanks

  13. yen says:

    Hi Bro Can I Get Nur Contact…email me

  14. Creta says:

    Bro can you please PM her contact to me. .. Thanks.

  15. Rodger says:

    Her Email and phone number? Contact me and the golden key

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