LV – Top Hill, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Kepong, Top Hill

LV – Top Hill

Cheongster: hws

Hi All Bro,

Went to tophill, yesterday night around 10pm and told okt i’m looking for vietnam gals, but he say during that time all the veit is on duty not available. Need to wait for another 35min, so go another place which is near by for ck, it is FH. (I’m not sure this FR should put in FH forum or TH forum so i just put it in TH side, since i 1st go there).

When reach FH okt nick is really good service (I’ll prove it after that), introduce me and my fren 7 gals (1 veit and 6 prc), but none of them is my cup of tea but my fren already got target. So tell our situation to okt nick and we might go back TH for ck again. (Here come the best part)
Okt nick told me he can settle this as TH & FH is same management, ask me to wait for 20min he will bring LV veitnam gals in TH to me and told me this gals is pretty and nice.

He do keep his promise and bring the LV reach FH within 20min, really provide good service so i just gave him SD 5 for tips.
LV really nice and can speak cantonise and mandarin. The look is 70% alike one of the HK star, which one of the bro mention b4. She do like to chitchat and keep on asking me how i rate Prc service..really very 8 (cantonice). Below is my fr for her:

Name: LV
Origin: Veitnam
Look: 8/10
Boob: average, okay for me and nice 7/10
Body: 8/10 good to touchand hug
FK: really a good one to try, u will never find in prc this feelling 10/10, play with our tougue
Pussy: 4/10 very loose 1st time try this kind of pussy but wet lucky
FJ: 10/10, willing to try for every possition, and i try 4 really good no rush at all (this is also one of her good point)
GFE:9/10, like gf feel, when fj with her, we kiss and fuck at the same time
Damage: RM178
WIR: Defenitely, LV and also okt provide good service.

Overall is good to try vetnamise, really a good experiance. Okt nick say next 2 week will have new veitnamise bring in. :B

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

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