Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic)

Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic)

Master: sex_hunter

went to Bukit Bintang….. then text to Fang Fang see she free or not

This is the second time i try Fang Fang, because forgot her sweet and cuties face.

When enter the room, Fang Fang give me a warm hug and sweet kiss. Later we go to take bath.

On the bed, we are hugging and kissing again, she said my lip is soft soft de =,=

Go further down, kiss and BJ my little brother, her skill normal and can feel she try her best to please me….

However, the plus point of Fang Fang is her BIG BIG BIG boobs, i am a boobs lover, so make me so high. imagine fxcking a 16yrs old girls with a big boobs…..

Fang Fang girlfriend feeling really great, she treat you like her only one boyfriend(of course maybe i handsome enough la).

Overall I am happy, that’s why i come second time.

Name: Fang FangCountry:China
Age:Feel like 16yers old (actual age didn’t ask)
Face:Short hair, small size, fair and smooth skin
Boobs:walau eh, BIG, at least D Cup
Character:always smile, like to talk
GFT:very good and accommodate
FJ:good, can have many style
FJ:Normal, too young i think, need time to train
Damage:RM150 + tips

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  11. William says:

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