Lin Er From Sichuan, Kuala Lumpur, Serdang, Lin Er

Lin Er From Sichuan

Master: Jason

Bro, this is my 3rd FR with this girl from Sichuan, PRC.

I was on leave on Thursday to settle my personal stuffs. After sorted out everything, I look at my watch and it is still early for my next appointment. So I decided to call this OKT and asked him whether is there any good recommendation. He told me there are 5 new girls available. Immediately I said I on my way to there.

When I reached the hotel, he gave me a room number and asked me to take a look first. When I reach the room, a pretty girl opened a door. I told myself she is my cup of tea. When I step into the room, immediately she gave me a tight hug. After a few minutes, we sit on the bed and chit chatting. So here is her background.

Her name is Lin Er, from Sichuan. She was a divorcee with a kid, a kindergarden teacher, the youngest in the family, have 5 brothers and sisters. She came here to work because her mum need eyes operation. She just arrived on Wednesday night. So I am her first customer. She told me about her homeland, the earthquake in Sichuan, her family members, her marriage, her lifestyle in Sichuan and her kids. She has rose tattoo on her spine which I think is attractive.

After awhile, she accompany me to bathroom and help me to clean up my asshole and didi. At the same time, she gave me BJ in the bathroom. After that, I lying on the bed, she start to catbath my bottom half of the body. She asked me do I want AR? I told her go ahead. She did a fantastic AR. Lick around the area and inside. Slowly she moved to my ball and didi, play around with her tongue. At the same times, when I play her pussy with my fingers, her pussy already wet and juice is coming out. Once my didi getting harder, I told her ride on me. Slowly she put the cap on and ride on it which she ride it like cowgirl. I told her to slow down because I want to enjoy it which she agreed. She let me to kiss her. Slowly I kiss her breath and nipples. Her breast was soft and nice to hold. She told me go faster because she couldn’t take it anymore, but I didn’t do so. I humped her slowly and kiss her non stop. I can feel her juice is dripping to my thigh. She keep said “Bao Pei, Kuai Dian (Faster)”. So slowly I put my pace faster and faster till I cum out. After I cum out, she still didn’t stop to ride till I told her I have dry out. She didn’t leave immediately and lying on my chest, where I can feel she breath heavily. She told me if I was in China, she will have affair with me. 😛

After awhile, she cleaned up herself, lying beside me and we hugged each other on the bed and continued chit chatting. When the time is up, I cleaned up myself, pay her up and kiss her goodbye.

Name: Lin Er
Age: 26
Origin: PRC
Face: 7/10. I like her natural look without makeup.
Height: 150cm.
Weight: 45kg
Booby: B cup.
HJ: 6/10.
Catbath: 7/10. Bottom half of my body only.
FK: 10/10.
BBBJ: 8/10, nice and slowly.
FJ: 10/10, I think she didn’t have sex for long time after the divorce.
GRE: Yes. I would take her as my girlfriend if she stay here.
RTF: Absolutely.
Damage: RM168 + RM32 tips.
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