Le Le – Innocent look PRC @ Petaling Street(pic)

Le Le – Innocent look PRC @ Petaling Street(pic)

Master: Gerald 

Got her ctc from web-master and called her for appointment. Took LRT to

Pasar Seni. Her hotel is just nearby the LRT station. At the hotel lobby, called
her, got her room number and went up to meet her.
The 4-star hotel room is quite spacious and nicely decorated. Good enviroment
to cheong and safe too from being raided by authority.
She greeted me like an old friend and let me into the room. Then I surprised
her by hugging her. She was shocked by my sudden move but didn’t push me
away instead hugged me too. Tried to FK but she avoided, just light peck only.
Then she sat down on the bed with me holding hands and TCSS like couple.
She helped to undress me and undressed herself and proceed to the bathroom.
Then bathed me and washed didi and proceed to BBBJ. Damn syiok and my didi
got hard. Meanwhile I responded by touching her small breast, (soft and nice to
hold). Her ass not too big, but rounded, firm and bouncy.
On the bed she started to massage my back and then B2B me nice2. Then turn
around CB my tits at the same time HJ. Then she went down to BBBJ. So syoik until
I nearly want to cum. So I asked her to stop BBBJ. She thenput CD on my didi and
started to cowgal me and with shy sweet smiled while i enjoyed her naked front
view. After a while I asked do missionary. I fxxk her kow kow, she moaned so sexily
and finally I doggy her and unloaded.
Rested a while, she clean up herself and sat beside me TCSS. After a while her
phone rang, got customer coming soon. So bathed myself, dressed up paid her and
kissed goodbye.

Name: Le Le 
Race: PRC
Age: mid 20
Height: around 160cm
Look: 7/10 innocent type look like primary school teacher or OL (office lady)
Body: 7/10 Petite, slim and proportionate
Breast: 7/10 small, soft, smooth and nice to hold (not good for boobs lover)
Ass: 7/10 small but rounded, firm and bouncy to touch (good for doggy)
Pussy: 8/10 nicely trimmed, tight and wet
DKF: 5/10 light peck only
BBBJ: 8/10 feels so good
FJ: 8/10 accomodative and participative
GFE : 8/10 smiling and treat me like her boy friend.
moan: 8/10 naturally sexy soft tone
Rush: No
Damage: RM130 (I gave 150)
WIR: Yes, but then again I also want to try others

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