LAN XING ~ Sweet and Friendly PRC(pic)

LAN XING ~ Sweet and Friendly PRC(pic)

Master: Brian

To all comrades ! This is my first FR, so please bare with my noobiness is this report.

Well I got her number from the Great & Mighty Web Master about a week ago but didn’t have the time to visit her due to heavy work load. Until end of last week finally had the chance so I decided to drop her a visit. Is my first time seeing her so better to start off with an SMS. Used about half a day to think how to create my sms and off it went. To my surprise within 5 min she already replied. But from previous experience PRC sometimes will question you damn lots of questions before accepting. Not easy but luckily i manage to passed !

Manage to set an appointment that night itself and back to focusing on finish my work FAST, LIKE DAMN FAST! After work done went home and took a quick shower and drove off to the agreed hotel. On my way to hotel i keep looking at her WeChat pictures, some she looks normal but a few pictures…..DAMN she is preetiee with that little ass of hers 🙂

Once reach hotel i SMS her and she informed me room no. Again the normal feeling kicks in, super NERVOUS.. Haiz.. Noob la me.. Took up the courage and up i went. Once i reach designated door and almost want to knock on it, my boss call (DIAO). Talk 5 min then suddenly cute little innocent sweet girl opens the door (but hiding behind it), pops her head out and smiles at me.. My heart melted, i terus say BYE BYE to my boss and went in. 

Once in i felt relaxed already. Not sure if its me but usually i will start up with chit chat first. Actually like talking to them because you can know so much about them. Oh i forgot , she greeted me with a cup of WARM Water which is i think her signature moved (very good). Without noticing we both had chit chatted for almost 40 mins. I felt good and relax and she is sitting on top on me in her room sofa as we talk. But then i do the maths, DIAO~40 minutes gone which leaves me about 20 minutes to go for the main action (assuming if you are taking the 1 hour package). Without further a due, (while she is still talking non stop) i say lets go mandi. She said okay and continue talking on… hahaha.. watched her strip down to her strings (damn  i like when girls strip) then she came and help me terlanjang also, off we went to bath. 

Another of her signature is her WATER BED ! Haha, for me is my first time and is kind of fun. Once you step into the bath room she service you till the end, you just need to follow order, so i just Yes Mam! The best part is that she give you ICE & FIRE BBBJ which is a mixture of toothpaste (damn that tooth paste is strong on my DIDI, forgot what brand d but gonna get me some of those) and shower. When she start BBBJ i stop talking completely, too comfortable to talk. Something wired is that while she is BBBJ me, SHE IS STILL TALKING !!! Diao ~ But i am total fine with that, as long as she is happy and comfortable. She is also making a leaving i tell myself, maybe she hasnt had the chance to let out her story to clients for a long time d, so i am happy 🙂

Finished bath we head towards the bed then she started another round of BBBJ (this time with HOT and COLD water inside her mouth). Myself….remains diam je.. Is too comfortable to say another liao, and she is very professional stop talking d and concentrate on making me happy. After 10 minutes of that DIDI already like anaconda d, so gave me a sweet look and cap me.

Started off with cowgirl cause that is the easier position right after BBBJ. When i inserted into her, she moan softly which i thnk this is the 3rd signature, and i like. Not too loud, not too soft, just nice and real. Change to doggie style after she was tired on top of me. Change to missionary which i like the most about her in this position because she will hold you like you are her BF.. Damn that feeling is what i want to find, not making love highness. In view of that awesome GFE i pounded her fast and hard until i gave in to her. We hug for about 8 minutes which i didn’t let her go, she seems does not rush and continues to hold on to me. 

After that we clean up and bath again. Then she continues to talk again…hahaha..which i am glad she is relax. Amazingly we ended up 2.5 hours together. So when i was leaving i think i better give her more to compensate back and she said is ok, the normal prize will do. Such a sweet girl, but i gave her additional anyway. Talk a bit more, kiss then off i go a happier man 🙂 

Guys, treat her well! Even if she talks a lot just listen, sometimes they Hope she does too ~ 

Name: Lan Xing (Blue Heart)
Nationality: PRC
Face: 8/10 (Cute & Sweet)
Body: 9/10 (Slim)
Boob: 33B (small)
Moan: Soft, but doesn’t sound she’s faking it. I hope she enjoys it 🙂
BBBJ: 09/10 (She blows like she means it)
FJ: 7/10 (not bad)
GFE: 10/10
Pussy: Tight
WIR: of course !!
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  1. Jack says:

    Hi, I’m in KK. Today is the last one here and I’m looking for best girl here. Outcall SERVIS would be the best for me. Can you give me some contacts please?

  2. hamsap says:

    Can u share her numbets

  3. Ben says:

    Can I get her contact number webmaster? First time here and first time doing this as well. Help needed Tq!

  4. Matthew says:

    Hii, can I have her contact please?

  5. hustle says:

    hey bro,

    Share contact and picture pls

  6. Frank says:

    Webmaster could I please get her contact and also the golden key. Thanks.

  7. jayjaytan says:

    can i have golden key and her contact number please? thank you in advance!

  8. Oldies says:

    Web master, how to get the golden key for the photo? Please advise, TQ

  9. Ashton says:

    Hi, webmaster. Can u pls email me lan xing contact… Thanks

  10. Jim says:

    Hi webmaster, can i get the contact number please, just found this website today. This girl seems great.

  11. Ginger says:

    Dear Webmaster, please share Lan Xing’s contact & the golden key. Thanks.

  12. eighty008 says:

    please share wechat contact

  13. CC says:

    please share contact and golden key. Thanks bro

  14. john says:

    Contact and golden key plz..thanks

  15. LL says:

    Bro, can share golden key pls tq.

  16. Ray says:

    Share contact & golden key with me. Tq

  17. pop says:

    Dear Webmaster, please share Lan Xing’s contact & the golden key. Thanks

  18. Vincent says:

    golden key please

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    Please share contact and golden key

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