Ju Di – Top Hill , Kuala Lumpur (KL), Kepong, Top Hill

Ju Di – Top Hill

Cheongster: dreamchaser

monday night after work and went thru minor traffic jam, I was at TH with another 2 friends. I usually visit TH during weekends but today is special a bit due to fren’s request. Hehe.

we reached and straight away went up to CK. first was shown 3 ladies. OKT told there’s a promotion for Helen, a big boob and big size lady. she not really a dinosaur but her boob is as big as ur head! haha. her promotion rate is RM138 only. not my type anyway. after a while, we were shown another 4 ladies and 3 of us made up our mind to pick our lady. I picked Judy(PRC) and my another 2 frens took San San(PRC) and Candy(Viet).

Judy was famous for her kung fu at TH. Not sure what kind of kung fu though. Need to try first, since she just came back frm mainland. Once in room, we TCSS and proceed to bath. She helped me to take off my clothes and when she took off her bra, wahhh. her boob was almost perfect! Damn big tits! but not pink color though. hehehe. kinda dark big nipples! as big as ur thumb’s finger nail! sui!!!

we cleaned ourselves out and proceed to bed. her gfe i would rate as good, since i keep talking to her to get a good gfe. once in bed, she began the SOP. let’s see how her kung fu is like?!

she started wit cat bath. wow. not bad, lick from my nipple down to my knee and to my didi area. gave me a good sense of feeling. she taking her sweet time on that. she also gave me a lick around my asshole and it feels good too. no wonder she cleaned my ass area while taking bath. expecting something nice. hehe.

finally she gave me a good bbbj. it was great. only lack of slurping sound. hehe. again, she took her time in the bbbj and once a while look at me with a slutty face. song!!! gave me a damn good hard on. she gave a good lick on my didi head and shaft and bj with no rush. after around 10 minutes, she took my condom and before putting it on, she gave me another round of bbbj before capping.

she then started on top of me. wow. the feeling is real good, with her high tone voice, it makes me feel good and high. while pumping, she did initiate a few moves that makes the whole pumping session more enjoyable. i like it! this is her kung fu. haha. once tired on top, we continue pumping in sitting position, which i could grab her whole body. her boobs is not solid but the size is just nice and good to grab. not forget to mention her big pointy tits! i tried to suck the tits but she seems dun allow it. nvm. i just keep pumping.

i then changed position and we were at the edge of bed. i pumped her in missionary. i was actually standing a bit on the floor while pumping her on the edge of the bed. she really enjoyed it and once a while asked me to stop. she came? dunno. continue pump. haha. she also “complained” i very geng, still not yet unload. hahaha. who’s ur daddy?!

finally, i was tired and lie on the bed to rest a while. didi oso went soft a bit already. she tried to give me a handjob to wake my didi up. it did. she put in her new condom and she went on top of me. this is my final thrust! i pumped her kao kao and finally unloaded while hugging her tightly on top of me. we were both sweating a lot in the end. she also felt dizzy and tired in the end.

we then proceed to clean up and tidy up the room before leaving. wow. what a great session with her!

here’s the stats.

Name: Judy (PRC)
Age: 22
Face: 8.5/10 add another +1 for her sweet and high tone sexy voice
Body: 8/10 slim
Boobs: 9/10 just soft but nice to hold, damn big pointy tits!
FK: no
BBBJ: 8.5/10 soft, gentle, taking her time but no slurping sound
Catbath: 7/10 nothing great to shout about
GFE: 9/10 her sexy voice. beh tahan
FJ: 8.5/10 nice kung fu, accomodating but forgot to try doggy leh
WIR: of coz la. so stupid dun wan return meh
damage: 188 + 20 Tips

wow.long FR. hehehe. my longest ever. 😛 no regrets!

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

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