Master: Aizzu

a horny night start when i text ida asking her if she free, i got reply with many question until she agree to meet up. she text me her place address on that night, i drove my car and wait at place she suggest me.

after 15 minutes of wait, i saw milf with tudung come to my direction. she enter my car and she is very talkative. she again asking many question and finally we both agree to rock the world on that night. we went to near hotel. she take off her tudung and ask me to check in.

the real story begins here, she ask me to pay first and then go take shower. after i finish my shower, i directly lay on bed naked. she start rubbing my didi and bj. she bj so nice, my didi very enjoying it ..hahaha. i ask her to naked. dont expect much bro.. you know milf body and boobs how its look :D. i start suxk her nipples.. and daty her. she seem enjoy it and like it. you can feel the wet of her pussy. she again bj me for several minutes and start to cap my didi. she cow me gently.. and it feel good.

Then I turn her around and start to missionary. she know how what should she done. sometimes she helping you to shake . few minutes later i explode on cd. we wash up and get our dress. check out and  i sent her home.

Name : Ida
place: PPR area ampang
Age : around 30++ (widow)
Looks : 6/10
Body  : 5/10
Breast : 6/10 milf boobs dont expect much
Pussy : 8/10 test by yourself
BJ : 8/10
FJ : 8/10
GFE : 4/10
Damage : RM150+rm40(hotel) (one shot)
WIR : maybe

Location: Ampang
Category: NL , MILF
Remark: She serves malay only n very particular in body hygiene.

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40 Responses to “Ida FxCKING OF A LIFE TIME”

  1. sam says:

    bro, can share contact via email

    thanks alot!

  2. Daniel says:

    How to contact her?

  3. Keanjoo says:

    Bro share contact..

  4. Raj says:

    can you share her contact ?

  5. Jason says:

    Bro, share contact

  6. tony domme says:

    sounds adventurous. appreciate if you can share the contact…plzzzzz.

  7. reymond says:

    can I have her contact.

  8. adam John says:

    contact for ida pls

  9. Jack says:

    Hi Bro. Please share contact. Thank you.

  10. kelvin says:

    bro mind to share contact

  11. yan says:

    Bro do you mid share to me ?

  12. mrhandsome says:

    Hi bro.
    Exchanged with me. I haved more FL. Whatsapp me at 0196630211

  13. Sean says:

    Can share the contact? Tq

  14. allan says:

    Hi bro, do you mind to share or exchange? i need Ida phone no. & i will give you other girl phone no. sent to

  15. Mike says:

    Bro pls share contact to 016-3462626 thanks

  16. mugie says:

    can you share the contact maybe i can help her out

  17. Azmi othman says:

    Can share contact number

  18. Cow Joe says:

    Please share her contact no Thanks

  19. Alex says:

    Hi bro, can share contact with me pls at Thanks

  20. Afnir says:

    Share contact please broooo !!! Thanx

  21. Shenji says:

    Mind to share bro.. Tq in advance

  22. Apek says:

    Bro share contact to me 0136922225

  23. Memphis says:

    May i get her number?

  24. mike says:

    bro.. can share ida contact?

  25. John says:

    Mind share her contact

  26. Harold says:

    Appreciate to share the contact no to me 0162271535

  27. Jack Ryder says:

    Share golden key and contact bro

  28. Kay says:

    can u email me her ctc. thanks. fron ampang area.

  29. Ray says:

    Appreciated if you can share the contact with me. Tq

  30. M'Dan says:

    Share golden key and contact bro

  31. ADHA says:

    Pls share ida contact number.. Tq sir

  32. Easy says:

    share her contact number lah. can?

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