I am the King of the fxcking world – 3P NL Shira and Julia (pic)

I am the King of the fxcking world – 3P NL Shira and Julia (pic)

Master: Alvin

Met and Shira and Julia at the hotel we decided to meet and then after we entered the hotel room. First imperssions were that Shira was like a milf aged around early 30s and Janes was also like a milf aged around 29-39. Both had huge asses and assets. But face okay but Julia was much more prettier. Once we entered the room, we started chit chatting for about 10 mins .

After that we went and entered the bathroom for shower and I was like “Wah first time got to milfs entering with me in the bathroom, and then the stand beside me. Then they just sandwitched me and rubbed me and then my dark knight started rising and they started rubbing my didi. 

Then after we showered, we proceeded to the the bed and we started with them giving me and handjob by laying beside me. Then Julia when down and gave me a blow job while Shira started licking my nipples. Then Shira just decided to sit on my face while I get my dick sucked and I DATY Shira. 

All of a sudden she cummed while I couldn’t tahan edy with Julia and asked her to stop before I cummed. Then they capped me and we started fucking, first I fucked Julia missionary style and Shira started rubbing us, after that I asked Shira to change with Jane while Julia rubbed and kissed me. 

After that. siaow woh, we change to cow girl and that Shira was being fucked while I DATY Julia and I was like “I am the king of the fucking world”. After that I cannot tahan I released all my soldier in Shira and after that we rested for awhile, my heart all beating loud AF and I was like I just ran a marathon. 

Then Julia said “Abang saya tak dapat” and then she gave me a blow job while shira kissed me. After that my didi shot all of my reserve. After we just cuddled in the bed and talked about their plans and all. These 2 travel around the country and they were in I-city area for around 1 week and was going to go to Langkawi next.

I bidded my farewell and gave both of them kisses and ciao-ed. 

Name: Shira and Julia
Age: Early 30s
Race: Both Nasi Lemak
Height: 155-160
Figure: Thick and juicy (but fit)
Face: Average looking ( Julia > Shira)
Boobs: Both D cups
Pussy: Well shave
DFK: Nope
Pussy Licking: Yes
CIM: Julia got but have to pujuk
Damage: RM 600

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: NL
*Remark: She is 1Malaysia, will serve all brothers

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