Hong Kong Actress look : Emily Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Sunway, Local girl, Emily

Hong Kong Actress look : Emily Sunway
she is damn hot and talk dirty beside my ears…

Master: Wan

I got her number quite sometime dy, after a few times failed to date ( not her fault, sometime reply late i have something else arranged dy ), finally managed to date her last saturday. Cut the story short, I finally met her up at one of the hotel at mentari.

when i 1st saw her near the lift , immediately she reminded me of one of the HK actress ( sorry, forgot the name , but not Maggie Q ), just shorter and got the CFM look. Right after we went into the room, she slowly remove the outer clothes and sit next to me and allow me to slowly remove her tube top and grab her nice boobs, it is not original but it is nice to look from top and slowly put the tube down…

even b4 i go for bath she already turn to me and pull my pants down and gave me a bbbj with the CFM look! then she led me to the bathroom and do some quick bath, like what other bro has mentioned, she will turn around and use the butt to massage my dick, it really feels like fuck her RAW from behind. after that she led me back to the room and continue her bbbj then put on CD and ask me to fuck her fr back in the toilet.

after many stroke in the toilet, i ask her to cowgirl me on the bed, she is damn hot and talk dirty beside my ears…After a while i still havent come, so i change pose and did missionary on her, she grab my hand to massage her boobs while looking at me like asking for more… I came after a fast hurdle on her . then we rest for awhile , chit chat and she asked for porn movie in my phone for her to view, i show her some video which the guy is recording sex with girlfriend themselves, and the girl actually looks like her, if any bro wanto see how she looks like, can ask from me the video…LOL!

after 15mins, she started to play with my dick and moan after slowly hj it and climb on top of me…and the next thing i know, my dick is already in her wet pussy !!!  may be bcoz i look very clean and she really wants it, she ask me not to cum so fast and she wants to have orgasm, so i have to hang on for her to ride on me until she finally came and release some hot juice on my dick, can feel the warmth in the pussy !!!

after her orgasm, then it was my turn to finish up my job, put on the CD and fuck her kao kao like she is being raped coz she already tired…hahaha!

before we leave, we talked about her life la, some rich bro really think they can date her for lunch/dinner and can get free session , sorry la, it’s business after all. and i check the time, wah, only 1 hr+, she managed to make me cum twice ! i think she was in hurry, so we didn;t finish the 2hrs.

Overall :
face : 7/10. like HK actress, the longer u see, the nicer she looks, CFM
boobs : 7/10, eventhough operate before but still very nice…to suck !
HJ: 5/10 , awhile, who care, this is not MP
FJ: 7/10, nice cow ride
BBBJ: Nice, but Wawa nicer !
finger : have to test water, haha, i got it but didn;t go too deep.
Damage : RM300 (included hotel dy)
WIR : yes.

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  1. Goh says:

    pm me for contact bro



  2. addy says:

    Pm for contac. n video bro. Lol

  3. shawn says:

    Bro,can share the contact? iakgnem@yahoo.com.sg

  4. Jacky says:

    Don’t mind share the contact?

  5. david says:


    pls share contact.


  6. DEQ says:

    me too.. pls.. jonnyjohn76@yahoo

  7. acd123 says:

    pls share golden key.thanks. to jackytan435@gmail.com

  8. Kevin says:

    Bro can share the contact and her pic

  9. Kevin says:

    Can email me or hp number tqkelvin.kl336@gmail.com

  10. Nixon says:

    Yo..can share her contact number bro?

  11. tommy says:

    hi bro mind to share the contact??

    thanks much appreciate!


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