Honey Hani(pic)

Honey Hani(pic)

Master: Ahmad

Got Hani number from a fren who used to hunt Milf last December 2016. Just got  a chance to visit  her last month after a pack and tired week.

Text  Hani and asked for a slot in saturday afternoon. lucky me coz she said she was free. Drive to her place for about 25 minutes. Using Google Maps sure ull arrive safely.

She have a  son n daughter watching the television at the hall. They just smile n continue to watch their fav show like theres nothing happend. But me !!! Suddently feel shy when they are lookin at me.

Reachin the room and she ask to loose the cloth n get ready to massage. What a nice masaage. Afraid she is using her elbow n  knee while massaging. So great until im nearly close my eyes n lost in my dreamland.

She a good talker. Just name the topic sure ull satisfy.  just listening  all her story n also she have a guard!!!. A cat !!! No wonder ive smell it.

Done massage she ask to turn. She ask which  package i want to have. Masaage only for RM 80 or add 70 for fJ . The massage is settled n just add 70 for a FJ.  Hani smile and she took off her shirt and pulled my hands to try he boobs . I can say she  enjoying it. So im just lick both nice nipples and her hand playing on my dick ” dah keras ni”.

 I ask her to lay down n she just smile n spread he legs wide. Licking  her clean juicy pussy is nice added by her moan telling not to stop licking. Hand just play on her nipples n sometimes helping to dig out the water out from the valley.

She cap my dick and we start the game. We manage to have a few position  untill she asked  for a doggy style and few minutes later  im surrender. She uncap n blow my dick untill all done.

Nice afternoon with Hani. Ill be visiting her soon forsure. For those who want to try a great massage. Im recommending her .

Location: klang, Selangor

Name : Hani
Face: 7/10 (sweet mama)
Boob: 8/10 (nice n firm)
Pussy: 8/10
Daty: 9/10 ( she loved to be lick )
BJ: 9/10 ( the longer the better )
FJ: 9/10 ( real moan)
WIR: Definitely
GFE : 10/10
Damage: 150
WIR: Yes

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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  1. Bisiksemak says:

    Hi pm her no bro plz bisiksemak5551@gmail.com

  2. Raja Lampu says:

    hei bro can i ask for the phone number

  3. edy says:

    Bro…pls give me share her contact nomb…plss

  4. Virmag says:

    Email me her number, bro at nancymeeyun90@gmail.com

  5. Hunter says:

    Bro, pm her contact…Milf hunter and lover

  6. Rahman says:

    Bro, share contact please, rahmanrahim8877@gmail.com

  7. Ikmal says:

    Hi bro. Can you share her contact. I will be much appreciated. ikhmalz@gmail.com

  8. Jinggo says:

    Bole x share no fon hani klang plzz..email me jinggobelukang@yahoo.com

  9. Eugene Lim says:

    Hi pls pm her number

  10. rajubhai says:

    Bro can i get her contact number

  11. Knth says:

    Phone no..pm plz

  12. Steven says:

    Bro kindly share Hani contact pls.
    I m going to Klang this week.
    Thanks ??


  13. Josh says:

    Bro,can share contact please,appreciate it??????

  14. ronaldo says:

    pm me her no. and golden key

  15. Joi says:

    Mind sharing her contact no. And golden key, bro?

  16. Joi says:

    Send her no. Here ——-> up675231@myport.ac.uk

  17. ronaldo says:

    pm me her no. and golden key rahimyusof23@yahoo.com

  18. Lowkey says:

    May i have the golden keys please. Wanna see first hehe

  19. henry says:

    bro can I have her contact number?

  20. Malay says:

    Bro drop me her number at nd_abdul@yahoo.com

  21. B says:

    Bro, can share golden key and number?



  22. Daren says:

    Pm me her no., and can share golden key?

  23. kingkong says:

    bro. mind share the contact and golden keys?
    will exchange some NL with u

  24. kingkong says:

    bro mind share her contact ?
    will exchange u NL contact

  25. Deen says:

    Share Hani contact pls

  26. Q says:

    Thanks for the FR. Will wanna try hrr. Would appreciate if you can share her contact

  27. Benthurr says:

    Boss please share golden key and contact no. Thanks!

  28. Benthurr says:

    Boss please share golden key and contact no. Thanks!


  29. helli says:

    Boss please share golden key and contact no. Thanks!

  30. corn says:

    Can email the contact and pic password, thanks

  31. Hammock says:

    Golden key and contact pls

  32. Gundogan says:

    Can i have the golden key and contact?

  33. Hantu says:

    Mine to share golden key bro? Plsss

  34. Tt says:

    Bro help out your brother here. Been wanting a milf for so long long. Please do share her contact here meera.mora2@gmail.com

  35. ren says:

    Plz give the contact & golden key

  36. sham says:

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  37. sham says:

    Plz give the contact & golden key….sham135001@gmail.com

  38. bran2 says:

    contact and golden key bro..really appreciate it

  39. one says:

    contact and golden key pls…..really appreciate it.

  40. mikhail says:

    contact and golden key please

  41. Nazrul says:

    Bro.. Pls help send hani contact.. Read a lot bout her but hard to get contact thanks in advance

  42. Zack says:

    Please PM her contact.
    Really appreciate.

  43. Zack says:

    Also, the golden key. Forgot to mention earlier

  44. jack says:

    bro. pls pm her contact and golden key. many thx.

  45. joe says:

    Hi…can share contact? Thanks

  46. terry says:

    Bro, please share contact…

  47. Pit says:

    Share contact bro. Really appreciate.

  48. Genwoon Leong says:

    Halo, can i get her number? Thank you

  49. Resh says:

    please give contact number and golden key number

  50. Awan says:

    Hai.. share with me contact izwan_112@yahoo.com

  51. Justin says:

    Bro, pls share me the contact. walau514@gmail.com. Thx

  52. Ahmad says:

    Hi can i get her number? Thank you

  53. alex says:

    pleasex2 send me her contact (0132433283)

  54. John says:

    Pm contact details and golden key pls thanks bro klboy738@gmail.com

  55. Gary says:

    Hi bro…
    Please share contct no and golden key

  56. alif amin says:

    Pm number bro

  57. sid says:

    bro can email me her number ?

    send it to elsiddiq8@gmail.com

  58. Aza says:

    Please give golden key and contact plss, tq

  59. joe says:

    Who need hani number cn watsaap me at 0102260662

  60. Pahit Maung says:

    Nice FR
    Could i have the golden key and contact sir.. to fulfill your recommendation. Thank a lot in advance. just email me at pahitmaung@yahoo.co.uk

  61. Luffy says:

    Golden key pls and her contact number

  62. Luffy says:

    Golden key pls and her contact number.. pm me at blackjack_abcd@yahoo.com

  63. Batisah says:

    Hi. Pls help and send me the contact and goldenkey at awannano931@gmail.com. much appreciated

  64. Shadz82 says:

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  65. Marley says:

    HI bro, can share the contact no plz… thanks bro

  66. 1st trial says:

    Request to email her phone no plzzz. Im interested to try her service.

  67. 1st trial says:

    Pls email her phone no, im interested to try her service.

  68. BN says:

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  69. KL says:

    Can have the golden key. Email to mbklyap@gmail.com

  70. Lai says:

    please Wechat me kevkev5121 for Ah Ling, Lin & Hani numbers ?

  71. Adam says:

    Bro need contact urgently adamshanns69@gmail.com

  72. Fahmi says:

    Hye bro,boleh bagi contact no hani.tq

  73. Tom says:

    Pls Email me thomaschsng@yahoo.com Hani Contact and Golden Key

  74. Jarsen says:

    Fren, can give hani ctc? I exchange wif lin + mawar to u.

  75. Azmir says:

    Hi master,

    May i please get the golden key and contact?


    Million thanks!!

  76. Sean says:

    Hi, can share contact? TIA

  77. Popiholla says:

    Can I get her wechat id or Contact. Thanks

  78. Sean K says:

    Hi.. May i have the golden key and her contact pls.

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