High GFE Lan Xing(pic)

High GFE Lan Xing(pic)

Master: Sze

When i reached her room, she opened the door and straighaway hugged me from behind like my gf. I feel surprised by pleased as she chit chat with me while try to be close. I grabbed her on my back and went to the sofa and cuddle.

She sat on my lap and I started to kiss her neck. She also start to caress my body. After few minutes, we were very aroused and went to the bathroom.

She gave me B2B service on waterbed. To be honest, her B2B is average as her body is a bit skinny and no big boobs. She did give me BBBJ which is quite good.

Went to the bed, and she continued with catbath. Her tongue licking is very good, but not for people who are too sensitive as it is very ticklish. Her nipples are dark and perky, not my type and she also doesnt allow me to suck.

Not long after that, another BBBJ and she capped me to ride.

Started with her on top, after a while changed to missionary and unloaded. Pussy is tight and wet naturally.

Name: Lan Xing
Face: 7/10
Boobs: 4/10 small, and she doesnt allow sucking nipple
B2B: 5/10
BBBJ: 7/10
Catbath : 9/10
FJ: 8/10
GFE: 10/10
Damage: 150 1 shot
WIR: maybe.

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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