Have a nice evening With Gombak CKT Janet(pic)

Have a nice evening With Gombak CKT Janet(pic)

Master: Wolf

After getting contact from Webmaster. I made an appointment to meet at her location and she requested to fetch her to go to her normal hotel at 4pm. I am excitement and nervous but you guys would understand what I’m trying to say. She is very chatty and persuasive in sms and when she called, she would hang up the phone and expect me to call back. What a turn off for me. We agreed on the terms and conditions before.

After reaching the place, I had to wait about an hour for her to arrive and gave some excuses saying her son just came back and all that crap which I know is not true and need to fetch her to her friends house …and waited for 30 minutes more. Since she looked ok in her mid or late 30s I guess, I just proceeded. She guided me to the nearby hotel. The usual procedure, she checked in first and tell you the room number for you to go up. One thing about her is that she’s not that friendly but looks ok, just typical CKT with broken english.

So she said she had bath so she askedme to bath. I told her I had bath too but she insisted so ok, I felt a bit annoyed here. She started with BJ for like 5 minutes and saying her mouth tired. She continued for a short HJ and then said her hand tired. While doing she didnt seem interested but only watching the tv program. Maybe her favorite program I dont know. So I started with doggy and after 10 minutes still cannot unload so she said just HJ. Then 5 minutes it was over. She quickly went to the bathroom to clean up without even using tissue to wipe some off me that spilled over.

Oh also, apart from watching tv all the time, she was not a caring person and her face is without any expressions. I can say that the GFE part is almost zero. Besides being late for the appointment and no GFE feel.

Overall experience is so so only.

Name: Janet (Gombak)
Age: mid/late 30s
Appearance:  Typical housewife look. No make up.
GFE:Not very friendly
Price:300 (overprice)

Location: Setapak , Gombak
Category: CKTMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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4 Responses to “Have a nice evening With Gombak CKT Janet(pic)”

  1. allan says:

    RM300? expensive la bro..

  2. rey says:

    Her service seems like getting from bad to worse!

  3. Wan says:

    Bitch tipu duit aku. Agreed 200 tetibe kena 300. Puki tul jalang nie

  4. rick says:

    One of the worst FL i’ve tried. Exp, bad attitude & not attractive

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