Hani, the Legendary MILF(pic)

Hani, the Legendary MILF(pic)

Master :    Dino

Got her number from Webmaster after I’ve exchanged a FR and visited her then, which was already few months ago. Recently whatsapp her again after Aidilfitri for a return visit. As usual, slow response at first so I called but was told that she was driving and she’ll texted back. Waited a while when she finally texted and after a few refresher Q&A, she was okay so I booked a session for the nite.

Took an hour to reach her place and had to wait for a while before she said it was okay to come up to her unit. She greeted at the door once you exit the lift along with her cats. Am a cat person so that’s kinda cool that she loved cats too. Chit chat a little bout how things have been and bout her cats too before she told me to go in to her dimly lit room.

As I did before, got in, undressed and laid down on the mattress readily on the floor. She came in soon after, went to the bathroom and came out without her pants. She asked “How do I want her?” and I simply replied, “Surprise me”.

She started off with her powerful hand & knee massage which will make you somehow lighter after. Her weights is still bearable and it’s quite enjoyable if you love massages. Once done on your back, she’ll ask you to turn over and this is when the real fun begins. It was even eye opener as I didn’t even realised when she took off her shirt as she was only left with her bra & panties.

Her twin peaks are big, nice, round and perfectly for my liking. She teased me by ‘flipping’ my didi and asking “What do I want next?”. I got up, unhooked her bra, kissed her lightly while running my fingers on her harden nipples before sucking her twin peaks. After few moments of enjoying her moan, she requested me to lay down as she wanna begin doing her thing.

She took of her panties and revealed a clean slightly wet shaved pussy. She came and sat on me, and gave light kisses from the top of my body working her way down to my didi which she gave a nice BJ. I loved it when she ran her tounge around my balls. Drove me wild and after a while, told her I was gonna cum and she became even wilder. Eventually shot all in her mouth and she sucked it all dry.

She wiped and cleaned my didi a little before she start fondling and giving it a light batin. Laid her down and gave her a good wet DATY before she capped me and proceeded with cowgirl and then switching to missionary before unloading it all during doggy. The pussy is just nice for me as I could still feel her pussy squeezing the juice out.

Then i got myself a proper clean up, showered, got dressed, gave her ‘the token’ and left shortly after. Even though her phone was busy during the session, it was still bearable compared to the satisfaction. Treat her well and she’ll be nice too.

Name: Hani
Location: Klang NL
Age: Mid 40s
Looks: 7/10 (Loved the way she looks)
Body: 8/10
Breast: 8/10
Pussy: 8/10 (No smell and shaven)
DFK: 7/10
BJ: 8/10
DATY: 8/10
FJ: 9/10
GFE: 8/10
Rush: No
Faking: No
Hygiene: Yes
WIR: Yes…More and more…
Damage: RM150+tips

Location: Klang
Category: NL
Remark: She all Malay and Chinese 🙂

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  1. Wong says:

    Bro,mind to share contact?Mine 0182111512.Been asking around but no luck.

  2. Qastello says:

    Bro. Can share contact?

  3. daniel says:

    Hi, email details

  4. Billy says:

    Hi bro, able to share the contact?
    I am going to klang this weekend,
    Please send to my email ya.. thanks alot

  5. john says:

    hello bro please send me the details

  6. Anand says:

    Hi bro please give me the contact.

  7. weng says:

    Bro email the contact pls. Thx.

  8. Din says:

    Bro, please share contact with me & i’ll share with you lin gombak number. Tq bro

  9. Don says:

    Bro.. Mind sharing the contact? Email: thechickens12345@hotmail.com

  10. Sin says:

    Mind having her number ? TQ

  11. Wong says:

    Bro Din,can share Lin gombak number?My 0182111512.TQ

  12. Lee says:

    Share contact and password bro

  13. Keith says:

    Can i have Hani contact number please

  14. Rob says:

    Pls share num tq to 0162757740

  15. Fred says:

    Hi, How do I get Hani’s phone number? Thanks

  16. Tan Wei ben says:

    Mind to send me contact no ? Plz

  17. joe says:

    bro..pls share her contact joetoyboy69@gmail.com

  18. IMRAN says:

    Bro,can I get Irene number?0123857391

  19. Shan says:

    Can get her contact number

  20. Mike Wazowski says:

    bro request contact number pls. tq

  21. Mike Wazowski says:

    bro, request contact number pls. thank you

  22. Boyy says:

    Bro, can i get her contact. mdb1433@yahoo.com

  23. Rainman says:

    Mind share contact bro? Thank

  24. Ibnujaafar says:

    Can i get her contact please.. thanks

  25. tolebest says:

    please share hani number at 0182423383 please

  26. Ben keramat says:

    Bro noleh share contack hani conteck number

  27. Axia8 says:

    bro, please share contact and key

  28. Rye says:

    Mind sharing her no bro?

  29. pavi says:

    her contact and golden key brother?

  30. Gecko says:

    Contact pls…. Thanks

  31. John says:

    pls email me her contact number pls

  32. Zck says:

    Mind to share the golden key & the contact brother?
    I work nearby. Thanks in advance.

    Email: za_hot@yahoo.com

  33. Roy says:

    Hi bro. Can share the contact no? barbinturret_acat@yahoo.com

  34. KelvinKline says:

    Good evening, Bro..

    Appreciate if you could share Hani phone no.. kelvin.kline.my@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance for your kindness..

  35. Hairi says:

    May i get the golden key

  36. kuza says:

    plez give me no tel hani

  37. Sean says:

    Golden keys pls…n ctc num:)

  38. Shan says:

    Bro can u share contact no to ssandraraja@gmail.com

  39. cangsky says:

    Share contact please

  40. Roslan says:

    Need Hani’s number and golden key. Plz Email to ayongary@gmail.com

  41. nga says:

    bro, please share contact.

  42. Orkam says:

    Golden key pls

  43. ahmad says:

    Ho bro, able to share the contact?
    Please send to my email ya.. thanks alot

  44. Adi_Putra says:

    Dear WebMaster,

    Can share the contact number… adi_putra98@yahoo.com

    TQ bro…

  45. Apek says:

    Share contact number thanx

  46. John says:

    Pls share contact 0122328622

  47. Shad says:

    Hi… May i have her phonr number. I lived in klang tu so woulf like to give it a try

  48. chria says:

    bro pm contact pls.

  49. Shaik says:

    Bro….can share her no 012 3231010

  50. shan says:

    can share her contact number?

  51. horniboii says:

    anyways to get her contact?

    pls share 🙂 pwnstar85@gmail.com or sms 012 – 656 – 8804

  52. Lobo13 says:

    Bro, sound intresting..mind to share her contact..
    And golden key please..

  53. ali says:

    Share cntct bro.. appreciate it goodberada@gmail.com

  54. Jack says:

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    Can share the contact with us? I will share my contacts.

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    Don’t mind the email hahahaha it’s a gaming account.

    Mind to share,bros? Would.love to try Herm been too quiet here

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