GreAt vacuum on didi – Christy(pic)

GreAt vacuum on didi – Christy(pic)

Master: Just Blur

Today was my first time I. I got the contact from webmaster (Thanks!). 

Added her on WeChat, started talking to her after that. Talk about sun, moon, stars…..then about her problems. For me, its like, ok…… I just listen la. 

Made arrangements to meet up the next day, which is today, I booked the hotel, and waited. Door bell rang, ‘gang cheong’ cause first time. Open the door, hmmmmmm have to say a little disappointed by looks, totally different from pic wor…..

Never mind, we proceeded to take bath together and then go hot hot session. Her BJ was good, after a few minutes of BJ, she cap me then cowboy on me…… she was good over all, just she kept on talking about her problems. A little turn off. Maybe just wrong timing, girl mood swings kua. None the less, ok was interesting…… BJ was great :-p

Name: Christy
Nationality: Local Chinese (CKT)
Boob: 34B
Height: 5 feet 5 inches
Look: 4/10
Service: 6/10
Hole: Fairly Tight
GFE: 7 /10, not rushing at all
Damage: RM200 two shot, 2 hour

Location: Bukit Jalil
Category: CKT
Remark: She is 1Malaysia, serve all races

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35 Responses to “GreAt vacuum on didi – Christy(pic)”

  1. brother2250 says:

    bro pls pass me the contact tqvm,

  2. Cheonglover says:

    Need Golden key and contact. Love it.

  3. kenneth chia says:

    Master, can I have the g8lden key and the contact numb?? Thank bro……

  4. Badboy78 says:

    Can I have the golden key n contact please?

  5. badmojo6298 says:

    bro can i have the contact and location?
    what is golden key everyone talknig about?

  6. kenny says:

    Bro..may i have emily contact and the key….actually how to get the key????

  7. Mark says:

    can i have contact n key?

  8. alan says:

    Please share contact no bro

  9. Oswien says:

    Hi bro

    May I know the contact number ? Tq

  10. alechoc says:

    excited for the contact and golden key~~ =)

  11. mikey says:


    Pls share the contact & golden key pls.


  12. keith says:

    Golden key pls…n where location ya?

  13. desmondtan says:

    Bro, can send me her hp no? thanks

  14. mz says:

    Gold key n contact bro.. Plsss.. 🙂

  15. calvern says:

    Hey Bro share

  16. Nicholas Wong says:

    bro need the golden key and also contact please.

  17. jun says:

    Golden key n contact pls

  18. brotherbee says:

    Hi bro, can I have contact pls. And also, the golden key to view pics..thanks

  19. baoz says:

    Golden key n contact pls

  20. bigcboy says:

    Bro give me the Golden key and contact. Thanks a lot

  21. T says:

    bro keys and contact please thanks!

  22. Marcus says:

    hey man,

    Appreciate if you let me know the SOP here and will wait for your email so i can get the golden key and contact… cheers

  23. Ong says:

    Appreciate sharing the golden key or contact to Tq.

  24. mandigo. says:

    can i have contact number and golden key.

  25. mandigo. says:

    can i have contact no n golden key.

  26. Richard says:

    please share the contact details and key to my mail id –

  27. Dash says:

    Share the contact details bros!

  28. Tong says:

    Please Pm the contact. Thanks

  29. john says:

    her contact no pls… tq

  30. Lim says:

    Bro just blur, can get Christy contact and golden key?? Tq

  31. Lim says:

    Bro just blur, can get Christy contact and golden key?? Tq.. My email

  32. Sai says:

    Bro..can give christy contact no and key? thanks

  33. jonny says:

    Kindly share contact details bro

  34. Steve says:

    Hi, can provide golden key and her contact. Many thanks.

  35. all tee says:

    Can I have the golden key n contact please bro

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