Grand Season NL Lady FR, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Grand Season Hotel, SPA

Grand Season NL Lady FR

Cheongster: musket

Have tried this wonderful NL lady quite some time ago. Today decided to return to savour her service and she sure did not disappoint.

She accompanied me to the room with her ever present smile and great GFE. She is not a superb looker with her broad mouth but her demeanor more than made up for that. Besides, she has a gorgeous body.

She stood by the window in her translucent slinky black gown, back facing me to get her gear ready. Slim with a gorgeous set of large boobs matched by a shapely rump. I got naked first and hugged her from the back. While kissing her neck, I reached around and gave her nice boobs a squeeze. She mmmm and giggled. My didi already at attention and she could feel it. After undoing the zipper and slipping off her gown, she reached around and gently stroke me didi. She tilted her head to offer her neck to me. More mmmm and ahhhhh as I kissed her neck.

She turned around and I seized the opportunity to quickly FK her. To my surprise she reciprocated although the tongue play is only momentary. She bend forward and licked my nipple while one hand gently sustained the attention of my lil’ bro.
Very enjoyable prelude to the main meal.

She then took me to the shower and gave my didi and ass a good wash, heralding what is on offer ahead. We dried ourselves up individually and continued with our initially FK and standing catbath. Her smile never left her face every time I made eye contact and kissed her.

She signaled me to lie on the bed and she came over me to start her catbath. She greedily licked my nipples. I reached down and squeezed her big firm boobs. They were firmer than what I had remembered. Her nipples were nicely proportioned. She would interrupt her catbath by leaning over my didi with her hanging boobs and let them rub against it. The sensation of her unblemished soft smooth skin over my didi was mind blowing. So gentle the sensation was but yet so sensual. Each time she went for my nipples I would lean forward and licked her ears. She responded with a pleasurable yelp. Slowly she moved down and started her BBBJ.
To my great surprise, she started off straight away with a deep throat. The view in the mirror than ran along the side of the mattress was akin to watching a porn movie. She deep throated me with great enthusiasm and stamina. Great stamina in that she held the deep throat position not briefly but for a couple of seconds before repeating the process. She would move her body sideways and intermix her BBBJ with licking, ass-rimming and licking of my scrotum. I indicated my approval by mmmm and ahhhing in response. Each time she came up for air she would give me a big wide smile. This went on for quite some time and I would rate this one of the most enthusiastic BBBJ I have ever experienced.

She then laid down indicating that it was my turn. I smiled at her and FK her before going down to savour those succulent melons, moving first from her sensitive inner arms then down the side of her body. She squirmed in response before letting out the ahhhs when I flicked my tongue and ran circles around her nipples. I reached down and touched her pussy. Great! She was a purist so there was no gel. I gently inserted my finger and rubbed her very easy to find roughened G-spot. At the same time I gave her clitoris a tongue lashing. As I had mentioned in my previous FR, DATYing her did not elicit the usual accompaniment of hip gyrations, moaning etc. Instead she closed her eyes while she cupped and play with her own boobs. As much as I would like to reciprocate the oral pleasures, time is of the essence so I did not bring her to orgasm through this. Besides, whenever I concentrate too much on DATY, my didi also become distract and lose its attention.

So I made the excuse of wanting a break and laid down. She used her oral skills to bring me back to attention before caping me. I asked her to go on top first but slow her pace. She grabbed my cock and gently guided it in to her. She was quite tight! Her pussy sure did not gulp down my cock like her mouth did. She started with an interesting rhythm – she would pump shallowly 3 times before going deep with the 4th stroke repeatedly before gaining a smooth rhythm, as if feeding my cock to her pussy slowly. We tried several variations of cowgirl – squatting up-down, deep but rocking (I stopped it cos’ her hip gyrations were quite vigorous) and me pumping from below slow/fast then deep which she really enjoyed.

She then asked me to be on top so pumped her in several variations of missionary. Requested her to let me pump instead of assisting with her strong hip gyrations which sometimes caused some pain. She loved the legs over the shoulder kind of deep missionary as her moaning was louder with a kinda surprised look. “Painful?” I asked. “No. Sedap” she replied in Malay so I pumped her like that some more. Very “chiak lat” position as I basically assume a push-up position and pumped with my back.

Changed to doggy. Great thing about pumping a NL girl in doggy is that the view of her ass is simply amazing. Very nice to grab while pumping also. Pussy lips were grippy so can see them go in and out. Nice. She tilted her ass back to receive me to so this was comfortable. One thing though, she was not a juice machine. View from side mirror was again wonderful and so was the accompanying sound effects. Even let me probe her ass and the sensitive skin between ass and pussy without protest but I did not request for anal. Not sure if she offered.

Tired after doggy for quite long so ask for reverse cowgirl. She pumped a few stroke in the squatting position before I asked for the “porn film” leaning back position. Initially she wanted to pump but I told her to let me and spread her legs wider, grabbed her rump and pumped hard from below. She yelped in pleasure and tilted her head back. Another great view in the mirror. I reached forward to caress her clit and could feel so nice juice (finally). She complained that although this position was ‘sedap’ but is tiring.

Changed to doggy again and pumped. Another one of my long session. My orgasmic wave was still far from the shore. So doggy and ass tickle her until I was sweating away. Almost wanted to ask for anal but chicken out.

Damn tired so apologized. Said have to TFK lah. So took off CD and TFK. She catbath my nips. On and off she tried to HJ but didi a tad sore from the activity so her HJ was not great. Took over and asked her to lick my balls and A which she complied. Good girl. Always service with a smile. After a long while, I could feel myself coming so asked her for CIM. She quickly got herself sideways to me, grabbed my didi and BJ. I shot soon after and could she her gulping down the first salvo. I let out a scream and she smiled. Blew me until I was dry.

Left a tired and happy man.

Super accommodating and friendly NL. Minimal English though.

Damage: 198.
Place: Hotel spa.

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  1. shy shy says:

    pls “pm” my mail box –>

  2. shy shy says:

    or u may get connie, her service is superb. she allowed u to shoot twice, blow job, her service is damn powerful, her service can stick u to the wall, trust me.

  3. badmojo6298 says:

    hi, is the grand season hotel spa still open? y is there no more reviews from here?
    whats the current pricing like?

  4. Enalan says:

    Any new FR about grand season spa?
    Wanted to try but there is no one reporting. All report were 2 years ago.

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