FR Sweet Good Looking Wawa

FR Sweet Good Looking Wawa

Master: Yustan

After reading all the good and hot stuff about her, I cant tahan. Got the number from webmaster at the end of december. Contact her and setup the meeting on early november….and trust me, her text message really make u horny….. Arrived in Kajang quiet late around 8.30pm due to heavy traffic jam but luckily she don’t mind. Maybe she took her sweet time to do some shopping…….So, i met with her in my car and we drove to the nearest hotel in town after stopping to buy some condom.

She got in the room first….when i arrive, she already naked bottom half and only wearing her shirt. This time i can see her clearly since its quiet dark in the car. Her face is so sweet with fair skin and round ass….and she definitely not a eurasian, but i think she still from mix lineage….maybe descendants from arab or kazakhstan…i don’t know…..

Have a chit chat a bit…then she took of her shirt and we bathed together…..then to bed….since this is my first time with NL…..i got carried away…..playing with her small but soft boobs and pussy….lick here and there, for about 10-15minutes……and finally she capped me and we got into the main action….maybe im too excited, i keep grinding her with missionary, doggy and WOT, kisses her on lips dozen time, for more than 30minutes until i cum……i believe she came twice during this session…..

rest for 15minutes, having a small chat while watching tv, then we continue to 2nd round……she lick my nipples and gave me a nice slurpy BBBJ for more than 5mins……i really excited seeing her sweet face up and down slurping my shaft…..then we do WOT and missionary for 30mins until i exploded… a while, took a bath together and check out and drive her back to the place i pick her up before……we chat quiet a lot in the car…..overall…its really satisfying…….

Name : Wawa
Age : 24
Face : 8/10 (sweet face with long curly hair, mixed parentage but definitely not eurasian)
Boobs : 8/10 (not for a boob lover but i like her a bit small but soft and perky boob)
Ass : 9/10 (big round ass, recommended for doggystyle lover)
Body : 6/10 (curvy but with a bit fat on the stomach)
FK : Kiss on lips and cheek only (I don’t prefer fk in this kind of relation but i think she’s ok with fk)
Daty : Just fingering a bit and she’s very sensitive ( I don’t prefer daty but i think she’s ok with it)
FJ : 9/10 (she quiet wild on bed)
Anal : don’t ask…maybe no
Moan : frequent…. Real but not too loud
GFE : 9/10 very friendly
Damage : 400 + 70(hotel)
WIR : yes…after i try other girls

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  1. Naqi says:

    wow nice one can I have her number?

  2. rover says:

    Bro, how do i get her number?

  3. Azam says:

    I need wawas no please

    Zero One Zero Seven Eight Five Five Nine Two One
    azambad at gmail dot com

  4. Wondering says:

    can i have her contact number ?
    pls email me tq

  5. hans says:

    I really wanna try her bro..share her contacts please

  6. hero says:

    her contact number

  7. wan says:

    Hello bro, mind to share golden key and her contact?? Thanks bro

  8. alex says:

    hye bro can share her no. thanks

  9. jef says:

    Hi, can share her number. Thank you.

  10. Dino says:

    really wanna try her bro..share her contacts please

  11. ayis says:

    Contact no pls..

  12. orangsel says:

    Pls share contact…


  13. azman says:

    Pls share ctct


  14. adamzain says:

    Share her contact number, please.

  15. Ant says:

    Wawa contact please. Lots of thanks

  16. janko says:

    lucky u to get her. mind to share ctc? Also can swap.

  17. kai kun says:

    no contact please asap

  18. Butter says:

    Hello, please share contact. Thanks 🙂

  19. Hazman says:

    Need wawa’s number please

  20. Kevin says:

    Dear Bro , may i plz hav her contact no. send to

    ..thank you Sifu

  21. Jay says:

    bro please share wawa contact

  22. slade says:

    Bro please share contact , thanks

  23. Niki says:

    Email me cntc plz,tq..

  24. jack says:

    phone no ??

  25. Dick chin says:

    Can I please request the contact number & golden key? Thanks.

  26. kiki says:

    can i have her number ?

  27. Abu says:

    Bro, please share contact no

  28. Ahmad Naswip says:

    pm no bro, please.

  29. Zainn says:

    Can share the number please asap

  30. cola says:

    Can i have her phone no. And golden key Please??
    Give me at
    Hope to hear u soon

  31. alvin says:

    can email me her number….long time looking fo NL freelancer

  32. Simon says:


    Pls PM her no bro, thx.

  33. John says:

    share contact thank bro.

  34. Fisha says:

    I really wanna try her bro..share her contacts please

  35. Nice Guy says:

    Bro, tolong bagi mobile # and golden key for Wawa.

  36. JAMES says:

    bro…appreciate very much contact, many many thks!

  37. MrCC says:

    Bro,can i have the contact no please?thanks

  38. Azmi says:

    Contact number please…tq

  39. Teh says:

    Email me golden key n mobile for wawa. Tq

  40. Haz says:

    Can i have her contact number

  41. Matthew Jacob says:


  42. MAd says:

    Contact No WAWA PLEASE

  43. CJ says:

    I need some Wawa. Wechat: ToastyCJ

  44. CJ says:

    I need some Wawa. Wechat id: ToastyCJ
    Please and thanks

  45. Jacky says:

    Hello Master, mind to share the contact and golden key? Thank yo

  46. Kamal says:

    Desprately need her contact. Tq

  47. Jainico says:

    Hi brother admin,
    I am new to forum. Can I have wawa contact please? My email is

    WhatsApp number 018 – 2258 144.

    Thanks for your help.

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