FR for Authentic Urut Batin – Sister Sherry

FR for Authentic Urut Batin – Sister Sherry

Master: Xie

This FR is dedicated for brothers who are looking for Authentic Urut Batin. Means there is no hanky panky/ tfk/ bj service, it’s purely for manhood treatment or “maintenance”.  
    Masseur is from negeri sembilan, but every month she will schedule travel to different state around west Malaysia and stay for 4 days.  So you have to enquire from the masseur for her schedule. A deposit is required for booking to avoid FFK and her slots are normally full, especially Selangor/ KL areas.  
   Once you make a booking with her, she will notify you the location once she has arrived and check-in. unlike other masseur, she would remind you to be punctual or 5 min earlier, else most likely the session will be cut short since everyone’s timeslot is allocated. She also told to bring 1 towel. 
   From my experience, when I arrived at the apartment lobby, I was lead by her mate to the designated unit. After some simple introduction, I was brought to another room and was told to remove my pants and underwear, lie on the bed and cover my bottom with towel.  
   She will start with lower back 1st, then turn around open up the towel and start with massage with inner thigh with a massage roll pin, which is quite painful if you have tight muscle. After that she massage the penis. She would advise to inform her if there is a feel for ejaculation but whole session I never felt it. In between she will ask you some question and advise you some manhood maintenance tips and stuffs. Massage is about 35 – 40 minutes, 2 cycle of massage. 

   Certain massage can quite painful depends on individual pain tolerance. For me overall is still fine even she pull the penis shaft, but when she pull down and stretch the foreskin was quite painful as if going to tear, I did feedback to her and she make some adjustment. How the process goes, its better you go and experience yourself. After the massage, from my penis down to the shaft is quite red, as if I have done a session but without ejaculation.   
   After the session, she told to wipe myself and get dressed while she will wait for you in the living room. In the living room, I was given to drink a small bowl of “authentic” tongkat ali and yea, its bitter. She will also offer some product to sell like the special brewed massage oil and tongkat ali. If you would purchase, she will tell you how to use it. I did purchase the massage oil as you can do “self-maintenance” and of course she will teach you how to do it with instruction and video. I leave after paying her the balance. 
   For the following next few days, I would have morning wood without fail even after having sex. It’s effective and it will make your session last longer during my 1st “test drive”.   
Name: Sister sherry (NL) 
Overall appearance: body normal, kinda MILF, look quite pretty. 
Damage: RM170 (if she travel over states), RM150 (if you go to her place in NS) Deposit RM70  
* No HJ/BJ/ Intercourse
* Serve 1 Malaysia. 

Location: Puchong (but may change to other place since she not stay KL)
Category: NL

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  1. fu hong says:

    hi, how do i contact sister sherry?

  2. Geokieto Nando says:

    I facing a problem need urut to adjust back my asset… can I get her contact number

  3. paul says:

    how can i contact her

  4. pakAtan says:

    can share the contact

  5. Wan says:

    Hi. How to contact sister sherry?

  6. William says:

    Hi how we can get the contact of sister sherry ??

  7. Sivakumaran says:

    How do I contact her?

  8. John says:

    can i get the phone number?

  9. Meismyself0126 says:

    Interesting experience, would like to try her.
    Can share contact?

  10. Foo says:

    Sifu, Please pm me Shery number. 01116420770

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