First Time with Lin Batu Caves

First Time with Lin Batu Caves

Master: Lelaki V

Hi, and this is my first time writing FR here.

Got her number from a webmaster, but decide to keep it for later. Then got really horny and finally contact her through whatsapp. Quiet fast reply. Set the appointment time and place (but not her house number), then hurry go to Batu Caves cause I live very far from there.

Arrive at the place, quiet easy to find cause its near the Batu Caves temple, message her then she reply “Naik la abang” with her house number. Carefully climb the stairs and finally meet with the legendary Bakso MILF Lin. She’s short, got big boobs (I like big boobs), and chubby (plus for that cause I like chubby banyak air type). Her face not my type but she got really sensual lips. She ask me to come in politely, and serve me with milo and some cookies. Her house are clean and comfy. Sembang sembang with her a bit then she ask what type of service I want. I just said “2 jam 2 pancut.” She just said ok and ask me to get naked and go for shower.

When got naked she looks at my didi and said “wow besarnye abg punya”, I think is just her compliment for most of her clients. She got naked too. Wow her boobs are really amazing! A pair of tits with big, dark areolas nipple on that. Would like to suck on that hehe. Then we went to shower together. Awkward at first but we manage to get naughty, cause she always tease my dick. I got geram then go for her lips and kiss her then go for her boobs to taste it. Wow so soft and her nipples are amazing to suck and nibble. Manage to DATY, but she stopped me cause she wants to taste my dick.Got to taste her blowjob for the first time. Her lips are made for that for sure. Amazing feeling and really made me wanna cum so fast. Really sensual and the way she looks at you while BJ-ing is really makes me horny. Stop her before I cum, dry ourselves with towel and proceed to her room for next action.

Her room got 2 big mirrors on each sides. Dunno what its for. Then she lay on the bed, kangkang herself and I terus DATY her. Her vagina are a bit hitam, she actually shy for that but I don’t care cause I want to eat her. Kiss her chubby vagina, no smell and really warm. Lick her clit, till she cannot tahan and she want 69. We do 69 and when I want to cum, I stopped her, ask her to duduk and resume BJ me till I cum. Came in her mouth and she drink it all and suck all the remaining. After cleaning a bit, we resume for urut a bit. Her massage kinda relaxing and makes me wanna sleep. She got strength when in certain point and always burping. Said it was my angin transferring to her. Kinda funny hehe.

After short massage then we go for second round, she got condom ready so don’t worry if you not bring one. Foreplaying a bit and DATY a bit. 69, BJ all stuff like that. Then she capped me then she ride me. Cannot tahan wei when she ride. Her moan maybe real and she always moan “Ahhhh besarnye abaaang”, so maybe half -real. Then proceed to missionary and bang her pussy like crazy. She moan, I kiss her, kiss her boobs then cannot tahan just spray my cum in the condom.

Then we clean ourselves, shower and she tell me not to forget to mandi wajib, she serve milo and cookies again. Chit chatting a bit and go home.

Name: Lin
Race: Bakso MILF
Face: 5/10 (But her lips is sexy)
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 10/10 (Her greatest assets)
Pussy: 7/10 (A bit hitam but no smell)
Bbbj:10/10 (Her lips are make for this)
Moan: 8/10, almost real
GFE: 10/10
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM 250

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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    Can send me her contact? Will appreciate it bro!

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    love to meet Lin Batu caves. Tks

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    Guy whoever needs lin num pm to my email

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    Contact plz….i just stay nearby…want to try😍

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    Contact no please..

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    Please share with me the golden key and contact pls –

  15. David s says:

    Anyone wanna xchange contact for lin…i have bangsar carrie….let me know at

    Thanks and appreciated.

  16. Mat says:

    Whoever need her contact can email me

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    Hope you can share her number. Thank you

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    May I have Lin contact number? Thank you very much.

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    Hi, please share Yesdy contact please.Thank You in advanced

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    Can I hve her contact….. Please share…. How to meet up…. Fucking motherfucker you stupid guys keep asking the same thing but no reply huhuhu…so funny cibai pukimak pundek betul… Huhuhuhuhu

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    Pm pls urgent. Tqsm in advance for the golden key. 0196970040

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    I really want Lin Bakso’s hp number… i really want to repeat with her… help me bro…

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