First Fuck is the Sweetest– Cititel NL Mary.

First Fuck is the Sweetest– Cititel NL Mary. 

Master: Hyan

First cut is the deepest—guess many of us have gone through this stage of life.  Having the 6th cut being the latest (broke off with my gF of 7 years 2months ago), my didi finally cannot taHan the ‘itch’ and I being the taiKo decided to bring ‘him’ to visit Citidel SPA.

Well, i know that place is abit high end, but didn’t know the price has got a lot more high end since those lovely post in the blog 2-3 years ago…! Would share more later in my FR.

Cut the long story short, let me zoom in to the juicy part now…

After reaching the SPA, proceed straight with a quick sauna, then rested awhile, and after showering, went to the counter and asked for NL. The first thing I told the officer is to have a Malay girl who is ‘safe’, and look pun ok wan… 

‘oh, dun worry lar, my girls here all veLi good one, sweet face, and body shape pun super shiOk wan…!’

Since it’s my first visit, I had got no choice but to trust him, and I said OK by telling him I’m putting my day-long ‘happiness’ in his hand for today.

He then led me to a dimly lit room and told me to ‘make myself at home’.

After about 5-10min of waiting, a sweet young voice pierced through the air-con sound,’ abang, sorry yeah, tunggu lama…’ of course I replied, ‘takpe sweetheart..’ and as i turned and saw her… waLao eh, her body shape reLi super shiOk, especially as she was wearing a super tight mini skirt, the shape protruded out even more… and as she bent to take off her high heels, I could also see part of her sexy pinkish thong underneath the sexy black skirt.  After first round of screening, my instinct told me her vital stats should be around 33B-24-34.  Yes, this shiOk body comes with a rather big ass too.

‘abang dah makan ke?’ to which I replied, ‘ belum lagi, pasal I nak makan you nanti mah…’

‘abang you jaHat ni lar…’ and with this kind of reply, I know for sure my first fucking experience outside of home-made brownies (i.e. my past gFs) would be an exciting one.

‘abang, kita pergi mandi dulu yeah…’ her sweet voice is another turn on factor for my didi to do a 1800 salutation to her upon her request… and of course I took off my clothes immediately and proceeded to the shower room  with her.

Upon seeing my didi already ‘naik’, she some more said, ‘abang you memang tak sabar lar…’ and I also remarked, ‘macam mana boleh ‘steady’ biLa tengok badan shiOk macam lu punya badan’… and with that, I proceeded to caress her boobs from the back..

Being someone who is used to at least D-E cups, I would say this part of Mary is abit of potong steam here, coz her buah really felt very lembik, and not reLi fulfilling for me… coz I’m used to girls whom I ‘can’t handle with one palm’ (big breast).

After the very normal showering process (where she didn’t even bJ me, only wash-2 my didi here & there), she asked me to dry myself up and wait for her in bed.

When she came out, she proceeded to cat bath me, playing with my didi while sucking and licking my nipples. I super liked the way she bJ me and created a suction vacuum while doing it. During the 5-7min of bJ-ing, I could hear all the’pok-pok’ sound while her mouth left my didi… this part super score point… and one more thing, she also allowed me to keep fingering her abalone while she cat bath me, and would give out some occasional moaning sound in between, and boy, was her abalone juicy or what..?! (just  5min of fingering her cunt, her ‘down there’ became so juicy it’s like waterfall.)

Then she had me capped on and I asked her,’ ladies first?’ but she said,’ abang atas first boleh?’ 

How could u say no to this kind of request right? So I proceeded to pump her from atas lor… after moving my shaft slowly inside her to get my didi adjust to her tight pussy in case of cumming too quick (and the legend is so true, NL’s abalone is really tight and hot, just like Mary’s),  I proceeded to fuck her at top speed… ‘ooooH, arhhh,abang heBat…oohhh,jangan henti oh…!!!’  then upon getting abit high, I wanted to neck and FK her, and she suddenly turned her face away and told me ‘abang, tak mau kissing lar’, and even don’t let me neck her… this is part 2 of potong steam…

But dunno is it bcoz of too much liquor and too little sleep for the past one week, or bcoz she told me’no fK and necking allowed’, after only 5-6min of pumping her, my did suddenly became soft liao ( coz I liked kissing and necking which turned me on further during fucking, not having the chance to kiss her, and some more putting on condom, which I don’t really favor, really is a big turn off factor but in order not to put myself at risk, no choice lor)

Since this happened, Mary told me to ‘baling atas katil’ again, and being a hygiene freak, she refused to bJ for me with the cap on… instead she took off the cap slowly (to ensure she don’t tear it off), and proceeded to hJ for me using water-based lubricant.

After awhile, my didi again naik, and she capped me on and told me to be on top of her again… which I gently declined, saying why don’t she cow girl me this time(in case my didi became soft again).  So with an ‘interesting’ look, she went on as per my request … and the funny thing here again, was that she went on like 180kph…instead of the normal 20kph, then slowly increase to 80kph, then the super power 180kph… but since I was ‘down under’, and not needing to consume too much energy as compared to missionary, I thought that was pretty shiOk and different from my normal practice, so I let her continue with her ‘F1 cowgirl speed’ lor…

Mana tau, after 1-2min of cow-girl position, she tiba-2 said her leg cramped…!!! And said she dah very letih bcoz she normally don’t like to cowgirl!!! So interesting, coz if I’m her 7th or 8th client, maybe it’s logical… but I’ve checked with her right from the start—I was her first client leh…! So how could that have happened?! So this again is potong steam…! abit unhappy, I told her she should have ‘trained her leg power’ and ‘not to start off so fast’…and for the 2nd time, my didi became soft again,so she proceeded to hJ me… and her speed of hJ also straight away proceeded to F1, my didi’s kulit also almost came off man…! So I told her, I don’t mind to wash my didi again, and she could bJ me instead of hJ… but she said it’s ok—she prefer to hJ me… wTf… where’s this ‘customer is always right’ practice…?!

Well, since she was so firm, I no choice but to ‘obliged’ lor… and while she hJ me, I kept kissing her back and also fingered her from behind… and when my didi hard again, I asked her to continue wif cowgirl, and guess what she answered, ‘tapi bang, condom tu I dah tapau dalam toilet paper lar…!’ wtF…! What am I going to do without the condom…?! Coz me really practise safety first mar…! and how could she assume it’s hJ all the way from now on lar…?! So I told her me tak puas hati bcoz she tapau condom without first asking me…but I do learn my lesson here too—next time if wanna curi makan, I better bring 2-3 condoms just in case…!

So since this was the case (and one thing good here guys—she also insisted the rule of no condom, no fuck, so if anyone who practise absolute ‘safety first’, and likes to have a hygiene freak as the playmate of the day, you can look for Mary) and one more part of her poTong steam episode is, she kept asking me,’ dah nak cum abang?’ , so I bo bian but to answer her,’ on the way baby, just keep going…!’ and my didi really quite taHan lasak, after more than 5min of hJ also refused to cum, so our poor Mary had to change hands in between due to aching…!

This part is a plus point for her, coz since she didn’t wanna do cowgirl coz ‘takede condom liao’ and’ her leg cramped’, she proceeded to do her best to satisfy my needs by hJ-ing me… and as I was about to cum, I fingered her cunt even faster and her moaning also become quicker (dunno is it for real though) and finally, I shoot all over her hands… and after that we proceeded to shower together…

All in all, I would say with some good (and not-so-good) experience, my first ‘fuck’ (outside of home-made brownies) is considered ‘sweetest’.  what’s more, i always dreamt of a Malay girl in my class back in secondary school, where she would come crushing into my bathroom while i was showering, and got me to fuck her really hard… and today, that dream sort of came true… so… wTf…

Next round, I would like to try out NL who don’t mind putting on tudung while  kena fucked…. anyone one who has this kind of contact pls share…

Name :  Mary (NL)
Age : 26 according to her
Race : Malay
Catbath : 6/10
AR : no
Look : 7/10 (look good and young, model type)
Boobs : B cup, not suitable for big boobs lover
GFE: 8.5/10 (at beginning), 5/10 (at the end)
BJ : 8/10
Pussy : 7/10 (trimmed, very tight and no smell, my type)
Fingering : yes, and very watery, but don’t allow penetration of finger.
Damage : RM 260 with room (pretty high end)
WIR : would consider…

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