Fairyland – Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cheras, Fairyland, Reflexology

Fairyland – Cheras

Cheongster: GREVENARC

Name: No:3 (BingBing) , she just reach 3 hours only, 1st time do MP, LoL
Age: mid 20ish
Race: PRC
face: 5/10 (no choice,full house tat day)
Body: 5/10 (if u like bone stype,Pai Kuat)
Skin: smoothsss
Boobs: B (good for her de)
Massage: n/a
BJ: 3/10 (no ice&fire,but i did chock her lo)
FJ: 4/10 (Rushing wor,coz last time she work like LSB 1)
HJ: 3/10 (ouch pain like fuck.No KY. -.-” swt LOL)
AR: Nop
GFE: Friendly ler, but she’s new, gotta teach her how to prepare for customer lo,wasted alot of time ler
WIR: No this 1 , i saw a petite girl quite cute,no:1


Name: No: 1 (jingjing)
Age: early 20
Race: PRC
face: 7/10
Body: 9/10 (petite/cute)
Boobs: B cup firm
Massage: 8/10 Fast and sexy movements
BJ: 10/10 Ice+Fire+Special effects
HJ: n/a – cum inside liao
AR: Yes
GFE: 9/10 very Friendly
WIR: of course ler.. that good stock.. my 1st favo so far
Damage: RM1x0


Name: No: 9 (MongMong)
Age: 20ish
Race: PRC
face: 7/10
Body: 8/10
Boobs: B or C , dunno pls let me know , ahah
Massage: 8/10 sexy dance
BJ: 9/10 Ice & Fire lick alot of other places oso
FJ: 9/10 shake shake move move~
HJ: n/a – Cum inside oredi lo ^_^v
AR: Yeapsss
GFE: 8/10 eazy to talk, coz do anything oso can XD
WIR: Yeap i will be back~
Damage: RM1*0


Name: No: 13 (Luh Luh)
Age: early 20
Race: PRC
face: looks like young PRC in porns XD
Body: 9/10 for her age
Boobs: B petite mer size nipple not sharp till simulate only sharp ahaha
Massage: 3/10 still learning ba. she’s new
BJ: 5/10 Ice + Fire ok ok ler, dunno no much feeling there
FJ: 8/10 She’s like angel when she do cowgirl
HJ: n/a
AR: dun haf wor
GFE: Friendly talkative
WIR: try other new stock XD
Damage: RM1*0


Name: No:7 (never ask , coz i am drunk that day)
Age: mid 20
Race: PRC
face: i dunno drunken liao
Body: sexy night dress
Skin: nice
Boobs: B/C cup bah drunk liao
Massage: 10/10 Very song~
BJ: 10/10 Very song~
FJ: 10/10 very Song~
HJ: n/a dun haf too , coz cum inside liao~~~~
AR: YES very Song ah~
GFE: Friendly~
WIR: VERY SONG sure return XD ahahah
Damage: RM1*0

* BBBJ=Oral Sex without Condom, FJ/ML=Make Love
* CatBath=Body Licking, GFE=Girlfriend Feel, Damage=Cost
* WIR=Would I Return, DATY=Oral Sex on Woman

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