Emily – Queen of Boobs(pic)

Emily – Queen of Boobs(pic)

Master: Jinx

Called her last week to make an appointment in one of the Subang hotel. Upon confirmation went to meet her at night.

Dick got hard when I saw her (because she has this killer boobs), couldn’t wait any longer so we went straight to shower, grabbing and playing her boobs non stop until we went on bed.

She tried to chat with her and be friendly before we get into business, I told her stop wasting time cause I was horny and really wanted to fuck her, we skipped the BJ part and went straight to missionary style, kept fucking her for good 5 minutes (boobs bouncing holy shit) and we changed to doggy style. Fucking awesome to pump her and see her boobs bouncing back and forth! Plus with her moan I couldn’t even last 30 minutes..

So I stopped to rest a while and she kept begging me to fuck her, decided to let her ride on me instead, she was grabbing her own boobs and hair while riding on me! I begged her to stop because I was about to cum and I didn’t want to, she refused and kept riding till I cum!

Thought I could last for about 45 minutes but ended up less than 30 minutes, I swear I will come back again and teach her a lesson..

Name : Emily
Age : 30+-
Race : CKT
Look : 7/10
Boobs: 8/10
Body : 7/10
Pussy : 8/10 (watery)
Moan: 9/10
Damage : RM300 (include room)

Location: Subang Jaya
Category: CKT
Remark: She only serve Chinese 🙂

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  1. imrean says:

    Pls give me her number

  2. ching says:

    pm pls ..thank you

  3. Peter says:

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  4. jeff says:

    How to find her

  5. jeff says:

    How to find her

  6. john says:

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  7. desmondtan says:

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  11. Shean says:

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  13. joel says:

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  14. Jonathan says:

    please pm me Emily contact. Thanks bro.

  15. Jonathan says:

    please pm me Emily contact. Thanks bro. hard2417@gmail.com

  16. Liong says:

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  18. boyish98 says:

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