Elaine….PRC Bum Bum(pic)

Elaine….PRC Bum Bum(pic)

Master: Gangnan Style 

This is the worst experience and service I received in my life so far, all brother cheongsters who read my earlier reports should know that I use to compliment those who really done a good job to us, our intention is to help those who really ” committed ” to their career in this field.

I arrived ( Sunway Mentari ) there as promised, just a humble cottage, must well considered one no star rated hotel, she opened the door and and asked : How ? Okay ?

Looking at her face versus the photos as advertised in website, obviously there are quite a lot of differences, well, since I am already there I just take it, never knew that nightmare just started the moment I step into her room.

Her phone was ringing, I could hear that she was communicating with a customer that she will ” finish-off ” my session very soon, actually I did ask for a massage before I arrived, her answer was in affirmative, this is also the reason why why I was there !

After cleaning and showering our body, immediately we proceed to the bed, then she told me : I think we do first, then only massage, I was not so impressed, my six sense told me there’s something wrong with her.

SOP…………..nothing great about her work and other stuffs……………., in-fact she was rather rough when playing with my dick, hoping it would get hard very soon then she can proceed to cap my didi…..

She keep grumbling while doing her job, finally she capped my little bird bird and asked me to lay down….

Pump her for about 50 times, again she keep grumbling and show her face, keep asking me why it takes so long to explode……..

Suck nipples also cannot, what the bloody hell korek korek also cannot……….a deep contradiction as what advertised on V.P’s blogspot…..

Finally I let go…..no mode, I felt I was here to pay money and suffer, immediately I went to the toilet and washed-up myself, again she keep asking why I took so long ???????????????

Finally, she put-on her shirt and asked : My customer is waiting downstairs, can I ask him to come now, looking at my watch, it only took me less than half an hour, earlier she promised me in our we-chat : 1 hour.

I was so angry but said nothing, I was asking  for RM 20.00 as balance before I pay her RM 50 X 4, she was asking : Can’t you pay me RM 200.00 ?

Bloody idiot who the hell you think you are ?

Should you treat me nicely from first moment, not to mention RM 20.00, even RM 100.00 I am more than willing to reward.

Again, she show her angry face to me and threw the RM 10.00 X 2 on her bed.

I don’t care, took my money, opened the door and don’t even look at her any further…………

I wonder, are they coming here to earn a living, is this kind of services we are supposed to have ?

This is the 5th time I visit VP girls, this is also the final time, no more in future………………………

Name : Elaine 玉琳
Country : PRC
Height : 160 cm
Bust : 33B / 32 / 32
Look : 4.5 / 10 ( lot pimples )
Moem : Ikan mati
Nipples : Dark brown
Pussy : 5.00 / 10.00
GFE : 0.00 / 10.00
Will Return : Definately No…No…No……

Location: Sunway
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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3 Responses to “Elaine….PRC Bum Bum(pic)”

  1. charlesyr2003 says:

    Dont booking prc2u.com girl anymore bcox they really likely not to serve n service with really good. They are very ego.

  2. Kukumalu says:

    I kesian you also, those bloody PRC think they are superb, now got so many Korean, Thailand and Vietnamese, cheap and good in service.

    Last time I visited one VP’s girl also fucking rush, I complaint but no action taken, stopped VP already since beginning of last year.

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