Doggy lovin’ Mama Azie(pic)

Doggy lovin’ Mama Azie(pic)

Master: Abdul

Got her contact from a friend. Texted her two weeks ago asking when will she be available. She promptly replied: “I free sekarang nak tak?” Replied, definitely! She texted me her location and i asked if she can wear her tudung. She said sure.

So I drove to the hotel she said. The hotel is in Bandar Sri Damansara. Once there I texted her and she gave me her room number. So I knock on the door and when she open the door I dropped my mouth. Standing there was a hot milf in her tudung, wearing a sexy black lingerie, matching g-string and heels. She asked me to come in and we chit chat a bit and she proceeded to give me a bath. She asked me to call her mama and proceeded to bj me.

Then we proceeded to bed where we do it missionary style and then we changed position several time. Then she pulled my hand and drag me in front of the make up table where she asked me to doggy her in front of the mirror. She kept on saying “Sayang doggy mama sayang. Mama suka doggy.” So proceeded to doggy her until I cum. After that we cuddled and talk.

After that I paid her and left with a big smile on my face.

Name : Azie (MILF)
Age : 40
Duration : 1 hour
Damage : RM250 
Face : 8/10 (Horny Milf Look)
Body : 7/10 (Slender and curvy)
Boobs : 8/10 
Ass : 7/10 (Still solid for a mother wif kids)
Pussy : 8/10 (Clean, shaven, odourless)
HJ : 8/10 
CB : 7/10
CBJ : –
BBBJ : 9/10 (Loves to suck cock)

DFK : 7/10
DATY : 8/10
AR : –
ANAL : –

MOAN : yes
RUSHING : nope
GFE : 9/10
FJ : 8/10
WIR : Yes!

Location: Kepong , Sri Damansara
Category: NLMILF
Remark: She only serve Chinese and Malay

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  1. Sam says:

    Man … are you sure this is true? Or you made it up? LoL 🙂

  2. Ahmad Naswip says:

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