Devi – Never Dissapointed

Devi – Never Dissapointed

Master: Rich

If you’ve read previous FRs you know what to expect already from Devi..

Reach her place in Old Klang Road..quite easy as landmark is Petronas, and block is orange white.

Tip: Don’t park underneath the tree if you want your car to stay clean. Hahah!

So went up to her place, got flowerpots in front. She open her door in her trademark kimono and ask me to come in.

Sat down in the living room and ask me what I want to drink..asked for plain water as I know will be dehydrated from coming activity..haha

Earlier already SMS her got cap or not and then she said she forgot to buy, so a quick detour to convenience store to buy.

When I toss the CD box on the table, she thought it was my ciggie then she straight away go and get ashtray..hahah

So light up ciggie and chit chat a bit..then because she look like raring to go she said “take off your clothes, you hisap your rokok, I hisap your adik”..wowie!

So while I’m sucking my cig, she’s sucking my dick..what an experience! A few minutes in, take off her bra coz can’t wait to see her melons..

Normally bra is two rows of hooks, hers is four wei..which is logical la..coz double the size..hahah!

She will deepthroat with the gagging sound..halfway titfuck, my dick got lost in between, what a feeling!

A few occasion have to stop her so I don’t cum so soon..keep having to relight my cig coz lose concentration until forgot to smoke..hahaha

After 10-15 mins..I CIM..she open her mouth and show the cum on her sexy

So then after quick wipe proceed to the room..since just only unload we proceed to do simple massage.

Her massage is so so compared to Ivy, she gave choice between baby oil or massage oil, I choose baby oil.

Then after finish massage, on to main event – she start again BBBJ, then cap and straight away CG me!

This part is the best! Can suck on her massive boobs, while she give good action up on down bouncing..

Hot sloppy kissing in between, then change to missionary and she ask to DATY obliged that time a bit sweaty dy coz of the heavy action

Then switch doggy and 3-4 more positions..then because too long and I’m tired dy she take off cap and the BBBJ again and CIM.

Overall, exceed one hour but she’s very accommodating and will not rush you.

In between she will look at phone for message, after session she make call to check on babysitter..which is fine by me coz she also need to work and look after family.

Shower, then have one ciggie more, pay and ciao.

Devi experience, never disappointing, hot and nasty!

Name: Devi (Milf)
Race: Indon/Punjabi
Face: 6/10
Body: 7/10 (chubby side)
Boobs: One hand also cannot fit one side
BBBJ: 10/10
FJ: 9/10 Like 5 star
DATY: Allow.
CIM: YES and swallow
Overall: 8/10
Damage: RM 150

Location: Old Klang Road
Category: IndianMILF
Remark: She is MILF, not pretty face and sexy body. only for those like skill. She is 1Malaysia.

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  1. Kerol says:

    Hi master rich.. Can u share her contact pls? Intrested to try.. Newbie here.. Tq boss..

  2. Eikon says:

    share here. tq

  3. CK says:

    Bro. Do share with me too.

  4. Itik says:

    Bro mintak contact lin

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    Please share the number with me. Tq

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    Bro, can share contact pls.. Tq

  7. kavi says:

    Bro do share devi number.. thank u

  8. Kukucai says:

    hi bro Rich,

    Can share your good gems with us here?
    Please PM

  9. Boon says:

    Hi pro please share contact please

  10. Bebebe says:

    Please share her contact number

  11. Rahman says:

    Hi bro,
    Mind sharing her contact no pls

  12. Kent says:

    need number bro for devi. really want to try her

  13. Kumar says:

    awesome review. Would like to go to her. Appreciate if someone can share her contact no. Thanks

  14. Eric says:

    Yo bro. Can share Devi’s contact?

  15. Mac says:

    Hey Rich, would love to meet her so would you mind sharing me her contact. Thanks

  16. Jack says:

    Can anyone share me her contact bro. Thanks

  17. Valk says:

    Hi, Can share her contact . Thanks bro

  18. rajubhai says:

    Bro can i gt her contact number.

  19. Jd says:

    Bro please share her number, my email is

  20. Cutedevil says:

    Bro, can pm her phone no. Thanks

  21. Cutedevil says:

    Bro, can pm her phone me no.

  22. Thiban says:

    Share her contact pls bro

  23. Edmond says:

    hi master rich,
    Can u send her contact number to my mail

  24. jay says:

    devi ctc pliss master

  25. stephen says:

    Bro, can pm her phone me no .

  26. oldman says:

    pls email me contact

    thank you

  27. Shark says:

    Master rich,

    Do share with me Devi ctc, plan to visit next week..

  28. Razman says:

    bro, can you share me her contact number. post before but no reply.

  29. Jqckyvino says:

    Hi , can please share me the contact tq

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    Hi, could you please share the contact

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    Hi there master, can you share the contact via email to

  32. Wansnooke says:

    Hye bro..mind share devi pay for his number to u if dont mind..juz msg me 0134143712

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    Hi bro. Please send devi cntc nmbr to tq bro

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    Mind sharing.her.contacts bro…

  35. HK 79 says:

    Hi Master… nice FR.. interested in getting Devi’s contact.. boleh share ka…

    Thank You..

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    Hi Master, can I have the contact please?

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    Bro please share contact, thanks.

  38. klive says:

    bro contact please. thank you great man

  39. Stanley says:

    Bro , can share her contact ? email to me

  40. Weng says:

    Anyone want the contact of Devi.. trade with me.. wechat: indramerlin

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    Please share contact to

  42. Sam says:

    Pls share her contact
    011-1029 1809

  43. sam says:

    her contact pls

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    pls email me contact

    thank you Webmaster

  45. Arun says:

    pls email me contact

    thank you Webmaster

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    her contact number pls

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    Hi, Can share her contact . Thanks bro

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    Plese provide the contact

  50. Srie says:

    Contact pls

  51. Brandon says:

    Hi, please share her contact with me. I wanna try CIM

  52. Vadhu says:

    Hi pls share devi’s Contact number

  53. Elvin says:

    Hi.. Please share Devi’s contact number to me at
    Thank you.

  54. Mobo says:

    Hi…her contact no please

  55. Sunny says:

    Please share devis number and golden key to viee

  56. RAJ says:

    Ctc num golden key pls…

  57. danishadam says:

    Pls share dewi no

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    Bro, I stay in Old Klang Road, mind sharing her number.

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    Bro can you please share her number with me??

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    Hi… Can please share contact

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    Pls provide Devin contact

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