Cosmetic Sales Girl, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Klang Lama, Pearl Point Hotel, Ying Zi

Cosmetic Sales Girl

Cheongster: PuyolBigHead

Location: Pearl Point Hotel

Friday night, felt really horny, so called up okt ler ler and asked for a young gal. Got the room number of a 21yo gal, so went up with high anticipation and door opened, a mid-20s gal opened the door. She has fair skin and long legs, but not so much suited to my syt liking. But went in and had a short chat, but short chat turned into a 30 mins chat on world cup, lol.
We talked about the which teams were good, whether bookies controlled the outcome, paul the optopus, and how maradona is focking ugly compare to germany coach lol.
Since I originally wanted to mirror other rooms, but liking her attitude so eventually chose her. First took shower together, in the bathroom, she even taught me how to clean the head properly, lol.
Then followed by catbath, and the very syiok kissing in the area between cock and ahole, first time tried and felt really good, then CBJ, just sop, nothing special.
Then lotus for a short while, since I too horny, pushed her down and missionary and unloaded.
So took bath, and started chatting again. She claimed she worked in guangzhou before as sales girl in cosmetic dept, and worked hard so her brother could grad university, and she also need to earn money to help out the other two siblings, what a wonderful big sister….
All in 1hour, did not know prc can be so chatty and football crazy, lol.
P.S she is leaving for China on July 11th.

Name: Ying Zi
Age: 21, the okt ler ler claimed, Ying Zi later claimed she is 28
Hometown: Hubei
Face: 7.5/10
Body: tall and average body, I think 165cm, ~52kg
Cup Size: A Cup, Nothing special
FK: no kissing, me not dare
Catbath: 7/10
CBJ: 7.5/10, no suction sound, but hardworking, also kissed the area between cock and ahole after spread my legs, syiok
Fingering: No, not allowed
FJ: 7/10, accomodating, no rush
GFE: 7/10
Skin: Very fair
Hair: long
Pussy: clean and fair, no odour
Moaning: 7/10, but very fake
hygiene: clean and hairy, but a smoker
Cost: rm150 + 20 tips

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