China Jennifer Lopaz ASS – Xiao Ling Long (pic)

China Jennifer Lopaz ASS – Xiao Ling Long (pic)

Master: Ah Ben

been to Hixtaxa hotel after gotten a contact from bro here…about months ago.
reason was he claim this PRC has the best ass …PRC with ass?
yeah… i’m surprised! since was at subang area, and no mood for natural care Kelly. call her and she said she waiting for me.
w/o second thought, reached there in 30min. walk up there. plentiful of Choises!
i spotted 2 MILF with big boobs and ass…. slurp~
but still the attention grab by the PRC (sorry bro, till not didn’t ask her name).walked into her room and immediately i do a ‘body check’, she has small boobs, but who cares, most importantly her ass!
DMD, she really has asset! she bath me thoroughtly and bj in the toilet..
i couldn’t wait..push me on the bed, and cat bath me… ass rimming with care… wow~ i like that.
after turn around, treated me with ice and fire bj… i wasn’t in mood as i want to daty her immedately!
put her on bed, ask her face down and ass up! FUIYOH@!
what’s a amazing view! small littly pussy couple with solid round ass! her pittie size with such a big ass! it’s rare bro!!!
she doens’t allow me to daty as first..but i told her to relax and enjoy…
spend nealry 10min on doggy daty! jsut can’t kepe my eyes away from the view! seriously!!! Must try!
she capped me and i penetrated her deep inside and she starred with me one kind fillow by tight hug… woooooo guess i hit the spot~
she in small size, carry her on the table, make up chair and back to bed… what a stunt!
ended on standing doggy…. unplugged slowly and we bth flatted on the bed.
quickly clean up and walk out to see if can grab other contact.
toob ad all bz in the room liao…hai~
grab my car and ciao…. with smile hehehe

Name: Xiao Ling Long
Nationality: China mix Russian
Body: 8/10
boobs: A
ass: 10/10
FJ: 8/10
bj: 7/10 (not a bj man)
daty: 10/10
WIR: yES!!
dmg: RM140

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  2. ROjan says:

    Contact and Golden key bro..??

  3. Live says:

    Bro, can share the contact? Thx bro.

  4. cK says:

    pm contact! urgent.. hehe

  5. James says:

    Hi buddy, pm or exchange contact at
    Looking for big ass girl. Thanks

  6. Shariman says:

    Contact and Golden Key please

  7. Hamza says:

    Hi please email me her contact

  8. steve says:

    Email me the contact.Bro.

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    Plz send me contact and golden key.

  10. kataka says:

    please semd me contact and golden key

  11. Karu says:

    Hello bro. Need contact and golden key pls.

  12. tech says:

    hi man, can i have contact and golden key pls?

  13. york says:

    Can I get the contact please?

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