Cheras Hotel Maluri, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cheras, Hotel Maluri

Cheras Hotel Maluri

Cheongster: Swan88

Reach hotel around 12:40pm and got the room no. from XiaoYa. I entered the room at 12:45pm seeing another gal is sleeping there which I correctly guessed should be her sister YangYang. Both of them just woke up only but at least not so Zombie Look as both r average looking no doubt XiaoYa still the best look although her age is more matured in 30s compared to YangYang early 20s.

Had an ice-breaking chat w XiaoYa and got to know they slept at 7am which means only slept for 5-6 hours. I dont want my $ to be thrown into the drain and I asked whether if they are really alright and fit into action. They convinced me confirmed OK.

Then I proposed for Double-Fry. Both of them looked happy. YangYang quickily naked n clean herself in bathroom while XiaoYa hugged me nakedly to bathroom. The most romantic moment I ever had in bathroom is this time. Both naked average / above average looking PRCs bath with me nakedly with all the sensual touches… what do you feel? Damn exciting of coz.

They kinda hygenic as both bath thoroughly and use anti-bacteria goggling to wash mouth after brushed the tooth. After bath session, I asked which towel i should use and they point to the one hang somewhere which I suspect must be used by few Bros the day b4. I skeptical and I am very hygenic too thus I asked for any new towel but don’t have but luckily XiaoYa & YangYang don’t mind as they offered me their own towel. So logically and probability wise, my risk is only toward 1 person, instead of several Bros so I decided to use XiaoYa one. (Sorry Bro, not to say you are not clean, but I just want to play safe).

Since YangYang still have few more moment to clean herself, XiaoYa and I finished then directed on the bed like Couple. Hug so tight and lye on the bed and both bodies are rubbing against each other. We I started with FK her for few mins then proceeded to DATY her (of coz oral her too). When I started to feel her high reaction then suddenly YangYang appear beside me and offer me BBJ. Gosh… imagine you are making love with your partner on the bed then suddenly a young naked gal appeared to oral your gun from normal till max size.

I lagi syiok then continue after the surprise… After a while then I changed to DATY YangYang and XiaoYa continue with BBBJ. Sound like 3-some huh? But not entirely like we see on internet / Blue Film as 3-some those gals are doing each other too but not for me this time. So I still called it Typical Double Fly only.

Ok..After I finished DATY YangYang while XiaoYa is BBBJ me like in Heaven, XiaoYa continue moved upward for 2nd DATY provided by me and YangYang put on the CD and ride me like Cow Gal. What a nice 2nd scene, enjoy oral XiaoYa while YangYang is riding me like there is no tomorrow… damn chun.

After like 10mins, YangYang said she was tired which I guess may be no breakfast and she still young, then I get XiaoYa to ride me but surprisingly she changed the CD (very hygienic with own sister too). Now the elder sister was riding me like competition while YangYang was on top of me to let me service her vagina….

No doubt XiaoYa is an experienced woman since she is married, made me too syiok till I wan to change position… Missionary then Doggie then Side. While I am busy concentrating to bonk XiaoYa, YangYang never give up by offering me personal touch on each part of my body then incidentally with kissing. Gosh….what a nice 3rd Scene! XiaoYa keeps saying I look handsome n macho (may be just sweet talk or I am just humble) when I busy bonking her…. this is like adding oil into a fire-burning….

After 15-20mins, I finally released to XiaoYa due to over-excitement with such sisters… Cannot resist such wonderful moment. Now completed Part 1 of my DF movie (Double Fly), 3 of us went to bathroom to clean again. After that, YangYang and I lye on the bed while XiaoYa still busy cleaning herself.

I had a short 5-10 mins love chat.. like why you didn’t go for study? What is your near future plan? How Old are you? You breast look nice and your look is kinda innocent.. .etc. Then XiaoYa saw us hugging each other nakedly on the bed with love chat, she looks merajuk and lye on the other bed by saying “You both enjoy love chat and action ler.. I wan to rest lor…” haha… I smiled to XiaoYa then concentrate on YangYang.

Now Part 2, I started kissing YangYang and touched every part of her body but surprisingly she told me, do you really want it now and ok with you, or you need more rest? Then I replied her, let me try now then we will see as I am not 100% confident I can do Double Fly with Double Shots within 1-2 hours with all of us were empty stomach.

Too bad YangYang with limited experience gotta BBBJ me till my lil bro to wake up. While we are busy with 69 with all the sound effect then I realised XiaoYa felt uneasy then she pretend ignore and increase the TV volume then hide inside the Comforter. I was in the midst of preparing for my pricelss 2nd shot so I concentrate to DATY YangYang and enjoy BBBJ.

It lasted for about 15mins for non-stop action, finally my lil bro woke up then YangYang quickly put on the CD then ride me. I felt her riding performance slowly decrease which probably due to Part 1 session and she is still young, so I pity her and moved to Missionary, Doggie and Side. Damn.. both of them are really sisters, and not sure they are good in sweet talking or not. Now YangYang said I am handsome (I admitted I only average look le ) and macho (probably due to my hairy parts with somemore 2nd round).

While all the praises from her mouth with moaning effect during my bonking session, finally I made my 2nd shot to her with 3rd new CD. That time I really felt tired, sleepy n hungry after 2 sessions in my 1st DF experience. Then YangYang and I had a cleaning session again. When I out from bathroom to dry myself, I realised XiaoYa suddenly appear on the bed I used just now so I suspect she enjoy the effect of 2nd session by pretending sleeping. kekeke.

Suddenly a guy was calling and he was somewhere nearby or may be already in hotel, but I was busy helping them to settle the room issue (room rate + room changing) as they dunno English / Malay. So pity the uy has to wait for some time till I arrange for room changing at 3pm then room rate wise, XiaoYa told me she needs to work very hard now otherwise has to go back to China. Really sympathy them but this is out of my capability but I told her I will hope more Bros will look for them….

Then another call which I guessed from the same guy, then I quickly put on my clothes and paid them. But YangYang looks like want me to stay, she drag me for FK which I assumed should be Good Bye Kiss. Then I cannot forget such as wonderful XiaoYa too and proceeded with FK as GBK too.

I would say this is the most memorable and wonderful experience for my 1st ever Double-Fly. Really worth the money of only RM100 for each other for all the quality services, un-calculative behavior and quite nice looking too.

So WIR – Absolutely YES. P/S: They will return mid-next week so better catch-up with them b4 too late. I dunno when they will return after this..

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