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Sex Gosu CKT – Yesdy (pic)

Sex Gosu CKT – Yesdy (pic) Master: JB *** Yesdy Photo(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** Got her number from webmaster and messaged her right away. Finally got a booking with her on Christmas Eve. The hotel is quite hard to find without GPS or waze, circled around for quite a while before reaching […]

Syiok wild girl – CKT Yesdy(pic)

Syiok wild girl – CKT Yesdy(pic) Master: Ken *** Yesdy Photo(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** She got very strong gf feel! i call her few times but no answer la…then at night she sms me back and i chat with her lo, few sms la.  without wasting lot time i then i make […]

SWT Yesdy is BACK!

SWT Yesdy is BACK! Master: Dragon *** Yesdy Photo(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***   Ah… Yesdy. Back in the business, after she stop for 1.5 years. looking at her pictures your didi already itchy.   without any hesitation called her after i have obtained her number. booked at 9 pm at kepong.   […]

Professional GFE service Guaranteed – Yesdy(pic)

Master: Lum *** Yesdy Photo(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] ***   I got this number quite sometime ago from a webmaster and never has time to try out , one fine weekend I was damn free and text her she replied free and we set appointment to meet at 1pm.   when i arrive […]

Bring you from dead to life – Fantastic Yesdy (photo), Kuala Lumpur, Kepong, Local Girl – Yesdy

Bring you from dead to life – Fantastic Yesdy (photo) Cheongster: shnel 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 As expected she was fantastic.these are her stats, Location: Bandar Menjarala, KepongFL Name: YesdyOrigin: CKTAge: 23Face: very cute,Body: slim, just niceBoobs: 5/10, great to suck, and I spent about 20mins doing just thatand she enjoyed it too.BBBJ: 9/10 ,can bring the dead to […]

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