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Cheras Wing 2nd round after 1 year cheong training(pic)

Cheras Wing 2nd round after 1 year cheong training(pic) Master: Ken *** Wing Photo(1 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** My 2nd visit, after almost 1 year and cheong different CKT and NL I start to miss her.  Call her see she remember me or not but she very direct n say no (is ok) […]

Wild Wolf Wing(pic)

Wild Wolf Wing(pic)Master :rudy *** Wing Photo(1 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** Honestly,this is my 2nd time with this wild chick..A crazy sexually driven chick! My first meet up with her was a year ago..Then,it’s time for my 2nd visit..With pure luck..i manage to meet up her again. Strike one!Initially was cancelled,then after 10 minutes..she […]

Horny BBBJ loving Wing, Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl, Wing

Horny BBBJ loving WingMaster: Jono After work, pick her up at LRT and she brought to some budget hotel. After that. action start Damn horny look when fuck her.Good DfK initiated. She has the cutest smiles.Then she will start to masturbate my didi inside my pants. After undress, BBBJ with ball licking….it felt so good. […]

First love Local Chinese wing(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Local girl Wing

First love Local Chinese wing(pic) Master: Sahaja *** Wing Photo(4 pcs), click here! *** I’m first time to write FR.  Long story short say la,u must try. I never try b4 Chinese really anything u can play, she really enjoy. Like Malay.  When fetch her at Maluri LRT. After 1-2 min. She lay on ur […]

1st FR – Horny Wing(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl – Wing

1st FR – Horny Wing(pic) Master: MQ 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 SMS her for service, her reply is very cold but photo is provided. I believe the picture is no longer there. Her last call is before 6pm. So meet up in Times Square, went to Mercury Hotel at the back. She has some pimple and she is […]

Wild Wild girl – Wing(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Wing

Wild Wild girl – Wing(pic)She BBBJ and deep throat very long until I CIM, first time experienceMaster: George 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 Like what the other brothers said about her, she is very wild. I got her contact from here, thanks. I immediately SMS her for appointment, and she replied ok. So I meet her at Berjaya Times […]

Very pro, wild, deep throat girl – Wing, Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl – Wing

Very pro, wild, deep throat girl – Wing She moan so bloody loud that worry next room hear it but really enjoy to see her expressions.  Master: OmFg Pick her up from train station. Same as all bro, a bit disappointed from the look and also short hair (prefer long hair girl =P). But all […]

My 3rd CKT FL experience goes to Wing!, Kuala Lumpur, Local Girl – Wing

My 3rd CKT FL experience goes to Wing!Master: bullbull Honestly, i think i am about to quit for trying FL especially CKT. I am not trying to say CKT FL is not good, but i am very choosy on face/looking face… if i continue to try and see low quality FL (low quality in term […]

Ah Wing, a CKT FL from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Local Girl, Wing

Ah Wing, a CKT FL from Cheras Master: supremebeing Name: Ah Wing (CKT) Age: appx. 25 Height: Around 169 cm (I’m 171, until my forehead) Looks: 5/10 (Fair Skin) Body: 6.5/10 Very slim Breast: A cup Pussy: Shaved clean with vulva scent FJ: Damn good, first time I stayed hard the whole session with CKT […]

Wings Rematch, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Local Girl, Wing

Wings RematchCheongster: sexworms Just finish the WAR with Wings and sorry to said, i lose both the battles and war as well as the 3rd and 4th battle comes to an end (only can equal my personal best 4shots – but still cant break the record 5shots in approx 3hrs). Haizzz . 1st round – […]

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