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Yao Yao @ Pudu PRC

Yao Yao @ Pudu PRCMaster: RayThis is my second trip to Pudu area.I arrived in the evening after work by train and walk to the sap chun food court. But instead of sitting in the food court like previously, I went to the opposite coffee shop which was quiet.Ordered a drink snd watched the prc […]

Big 36D Boobs Pretty MILF – Wang Xue

Big 36D Boobs Pretty MILF – Wang XueMaster: DragonFew weeks ago,  I found myself very itchy. So thought of getting a quick release, then went to Sap Chun in Pudu.  My friend recommended a MILF PRC, Wang Xue. Upon reaching, make a phone call, follow her instruction went to the room. Opposite the Sap Chun […]

Big 36D boobs – Coco(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Coco

Big 36D boobs – Coco(pic)Master: Sky *** Coco Photo(6 pcs), please click here! *** alright brader here’s my fr After hearing alot about sap chuen, i decided to give it a try.went there park the car and paid rm3 for the indian fella.  waited awhile den spotted this big boobs milf. i keep on looking […]

Xiao Yun – Sap Chuen(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Xiao Yun

Xiao Yun – Sap Chuen(pic)Master: Cas 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 Dear Bro, this is my 1st FR to share, pls don’t mind my language. Yesterday after rough work, rain in evening, awakes my desire.Actually, I don’t know where the hell is Sap Chuen, but worth to search out.Drive to Pudu area, no luck after turn a few roads.Never […]

Little Sexy MILF – Wang Xue, Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Wang Xue

Little Sexy MILF – Wang XueMaster: John Terry Dear bros, now i’m a regular there. despite looking a little dodgy, but price is still rather fair. was looking for some action after fantasizing about a colleague at work. so was determined too find a MILF. boy was this MILF better than i expected. GFE number […]

Tall 5’10” and pretty girl – Yung, Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Yung

Tall 5’10” and pretty girl – YungMaseter: John I’ve been cheonging only mayb past 6 pretty new to the whole scene. but once i started never stop haha. anyways, heard a lot about this legendary place, this food court with all the PRCs. and boy was it hard to locate. and when i did […]

Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Coco

CoCo @ Sap Chuen (Marvelous Service) (pic) Master: Sky 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 Since I happened to be in KL areas, would like to check out if there is any hot chicks at Sap Chuen Food Court. I then go for a walk after I’ve parked my car somewhere nearby, unfortunately there were nobody catching my eyes. Just […]

Student-like Xiao Wei, Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Xiao Wei

Student-like Xiao Wei Master: Max Picked her up at Sap Chuen when my eyes spotted this student-like swt. Nice slender body. Friendly. Don’t look like pro. Took me to her own room like my gf. After some smooching on the lips I kissed her passionately with gfe. walaoeh she turned on wet & took me shower. […]

Apple Apple I love you!, Kuala Lumpur, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Apple

Apple Apple I love you! Cheongster: MoMo location: pudu sap chuen… yesterday saturday when finish work is so free,then go sap chuen there to find some eat and having a look on chick haha…after i order drink,i have a look on around sap chuen,haiz…no chick,but have one yellow dress one at there walk here,then ask […]

Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Yue Liang

OS Yue Liang Cheongster: Powerguy Name: yue liang (moon)Age: 30++Origin: PRCLook: 6.5/10 (MILF)Body: 6/10 (slim, thin got ass)Boob: 5/10 (with bra damn nice… but end up is sman made boobs)bbbj: 5/10 (nothing to shout about)FJ: 6/10 (with shy shy moan… her voice quite little women type)Pussy: normalGFE: 6/10 Attitude: 7/10 (frenly, never rush)Overall: 6.5/10Damage: $100WIR: […]

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