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69 position with NL Sabrina

69 position with NL SabrinaMaster: MurAfter get Sabrina number, terus called her to make appointment. But she said she’s busy. will sms me if she free later. After 5 days busy with work suddenly she sms and ask do i still want her service…Hell yes..!!!Check in hotel then sms her the room number. Waiting about […]

A Thai SYT – Janet(pic)

A Thai SYT – Janet(pic)Master: Anthonio *** Janet photo(2 pcs), please click here(Golden Key)! *** One day OKT sms some sports cars have arrived. And ask me to go for a test drive. Next day sms OKT for recommendation to test drive. He recommended a Tom Yam. I would expect a dark tanned girl but […]

A early morning encounter with Sa Sa.

A early morning encounter with Sa Sa.Master: RayHello brothers, This fr took place 1 month ago. Been busy so only completed now. Was feeling restless last Sunday night and decided to cruise up kota damansara to check out some massage shops. Didn’t realize there were so many of them within the town centre in Dataran […]

Sweet Kota Damansara PRC Chick – Chang

Sweet Kota Damansara PRC Chick – ChangMaster: Adam This is my first time posting. It all started because my horny friend and my courius too. When finish the work at site,my friend just ask to “freshing body” or not and my body tired and very stress also. Went strolling around Kota Damansara because i just […]

Cinderella Kota Damansara Girl

Cinderella Kota Damansara GirlMaster: BillyBro, This is my first time posting. It all started in February. After 2 futsal game in a row, my body was in pain. Went strolling around Kota Damansara because i heard that there’s a good spa with full service. And i saw 1 spa, and decided to give it a […]

Virgin Viet – Real Story‏, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Vietnamese Ah Ying

Virgin Viet – Real Story‏ Master: Peter Boy I have been reading various articles posted by fella cheongsters but upon ” checking-in ” to all the machines highly recommended by cheongsters, it is much regretted to comment that 90% of the time I ended-up with disappointment, neither because I was expecting too high nor a […]

KL 19 yrs old young and fresh Housewife! Kuala Lumpur, Kota Damansara, Local Girl – Ah Jiao

KL 19 yrs old young and fresh Housewife! (pic)Master: cintan 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 I just know this little girl called Ah Jiao recently, she only 19 years old, but have to work to feed herself and her baby’s milk. Can you help her? 😉Damage: RM 150 (for 2 shot)Hotel room by your own, and you need to […]

Mandy – Forest Hill, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Kota Damansara, Forest Hill

Mandy – Forest Hill Cheongster: KUSADUMI Like FH because its near my place. I only come back to KL 1-2 times every year or so, so, dont have consistency. My last visit here was near CNY 2009, so, it had been more than 6 montsh since I visited this place. This happen 2 weeks before: […]

YY – Forest Hill, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Kota Damansara, Forest Hill

YY – Forest Hill Cheongster: doublefly when there yesterday slow i think.ask for CK.3 prc 1 viet.wan to look for more viet.OKT arrange another round later with all viet.only 3 for pick Y Y.since she look lansi.wan to bonk her hard later to conquer her. :B in the room.she no more lansi […]

Xiao Xia – Forest Hill, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Kota Damansara, Forest Hill

Xiao Xia – Forest HillCheongster: mikesxi guys, i’ve been lurking around for some time but i think i should contribute an FR after gaining a lot of useful tips from our fellow cheongsters. have been visiting FH for a few times liao and even took the famous Qiqi for the 4hr package b4. after hearing […]

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