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Mora is a everyone dream’s girl(pic)

Mora is a everyone dream’s girl(pic) Master: Shaba *** Mora photo(2 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** I went to a hotel and looking for NL, after few rooms, i attracted to a girl named Mora. The boobs are big and solid. The body also is quite chubby. I proceed with subscribed her. I took […]

Pretty Bakso Ina(pic)

Master: Low Set appt after lunch, meet at usual Jln Ipoh hotel. First time met her, a fair, pretty Bakso. Chat for while to break the ice. Then she said let’s go for bath, undress me and herself. A cup boobs and slim body. During bath she wash thoroughly the didi and I don’t hesitate […]

Cute smiling Bakso – Ina(pic)

Cute smiling Bakso – Ina(pic) Master: Ace79 *** Ina Photo(1 pcs), please click![Golden Key] ***   I have bad experiences with most indon girl but this one is nice. Opened door n saw this cute bakso smiling. We chat n found out she speak fluent malay n even look exactly malay.    She calm n […]

Unbelieveable Superstar Ratings – Ina(pic)

Unbelieveable Superstar Ratings – Ina(pic) Master: Malim *** Ina Photo(1 pcs), please click![Golden Key] *** First of all, I would like to thank webmaster for sharing me the contact of this pretty young BAKSO. Actually, webmaster had shared with me this contact long time ago…But due to commitments, time constraint & other interest, I have […]

Beautiful Bakso INA(pic)

Beautiful Bakso INA(pic) Master: Fiq *** Ina Photo(1 pcs), please click![Golden Key] *** After read FRs about her, feel to make a date with her. So call her and set appointment at 2pm. She ask to book a hotel at Jln Ipoh which is not familiar. Drop by at one petrol station, ask the staff […]

Great boobs Polin, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ipoh, Polin

Great boobs Polin Master: Peter I have keep this escort team number for sometimes, its great to know this escort. As they have lots of great Tom Yam. For my first time I visit this escort, I have booked for Polin. The hotel is provided just nearby my office. So reached there just about on […]

BBBJ she is the TOP – Kate(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ipoh, Philippine Girl, Kate

BBBJ she is the TOP – Kate(pic)Master: MW 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 Since yesterday i just sms her for making appointment, no reply sian then cal up 1 NL just receive ctc earlier dun1 chinese dam sien intro another NL from her say new in FL can but edi hav client ned tomorrw. WTF i hav to say? […]

Really naughty and very entertaining NL – Rose, Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Ipoh, Malay girl, Rose

Really naughty and very entertaining NL – Rose Master: John Maximus It was my first encounter with NL FL.After 2 weeks of sms with her, at last she agreed to meet me, so make an appointment for today during lunch hour, so today my lunch menu is NL.Drove to Setapak and pick her up and heading […]

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