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A Night With Devi

A Night With Devi  Master: JoVin I received Devi’s number from webmaster and sent her a text message; sadly she was entertaining visiting relatives and had to wait for 1 week before I feel Devi’s services. Finally the week passed and I sent her a message requesting to be the last customer. My schedule was […]


MILF bakso DEVI Master: Rock got her number from webmaster, told me she got a big pair of boobs and deep throat damn nice. decide to give it a try. book her around noon. kind a hard to find her place. but nonetheless with google map.. reached there. once reached straight fast fast go up […]

Great Night with Devi

Great Night with Devi Master: Kent Hi Guys, this is first time to write FR, I got her contact through the webmaster, first i tried to message her, no reply, i thought she is no longer active, after clarified from webmaster,  confirmed she is available. So i managed to set an appointment with her. Once […]

Horny sucking machine Devi

Horny sucking machine Devi Master: James This is the longest time in between getting contact and trying the goods. Got the contact last year, few weeks ago only paid Devi a visit. Messaged her first, checking whether she still using the same number. She said yes, so I made appt. She told me the location […]

Hardcore with Devi

Hardcore with Devi Master: Atom Dear all bros, this was my first FR after visit the legendary Devi. I got Devi number from webmaster and immediately make an appointment 3 days after. The appointment was last Thursday at night 10PM initially. However, due to my urge I had somehow manage to finish all my OT […]


DEVI, IT’S THE SUPERB HOLE MASTER : HANAPI Happened on third week of July 2016. Made appointment with her for 11pm. Trying to contact her around 5pm as I wasn’t busy and plan to meet her earlier. Besides, better do it while the sun still up, will have a perfect view of her whole body. […]


A MAGNIFICANT SESSION WITH DEVI Master: Suresh Got the number from admin on Tuesday and Wednesday made an appointment with her. Was quick on her reply and it was set for a night session at her place in Klang Road. She received me at the door and she looked fairly fine with the assets at […]

Super DTBJ Big Boobs Devi

Super DTBJ Big Boobs Devi Master: Suresh Got number from webmaster and sent sms to Devi. Got reply after about a day. Got her address in the Old Klang Road area. When finally got there, looks like a low cost flat but what the heck. Lifts were not working so took stairs up. Greeted at […]

Second session with sex loving Devi

Second session with sex loving Devi MASTER : RAJ This is my 2nd time with MILF Devi It was really long since I last met devi . One day she called me and asked if I forget her and why I did not visit her as she is very fond of me. I straight away […]

One day with Devi

One day with Devi Master: Hanifi This is my first FR on the website. So still a newbie. 😀 Got Devi’s number from webmaster after read all the others FR regarding this DEVI. With all FR referring to her goddess watermelon, makes me wanna try her so badly. At first, got her number and straight […]

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