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Moaning Fia NL

Moaning Fia NL Master: Ric coming back for a short vacation frm overseas gave me a good memory of Fia our beloved webmaster,gave me fia contact recently.Text her,for that very evening appointment.7pm arrangment,lnfo for the hotel name and room number around KL area. Reached the hotel and knock on door, avoice ushed me in,stated not […]

Fia tembam NL revisited

Fia tembam NL revisitedMaster: Ray Greetings bro. It had been a while since I encountered her and one day out of the blue she sends a SMS saying hello sayang  “mau  meet tak?” So I replied OK since its been a wile since I like her chubby tembam pussy and cute nipples on her 34c […]

Fia NL Chinatown , my 2nd encounter.

Fia NL Chinatown , my 2nd encounter.Master: Ray Hello John, I last met Fia aka Sophia sometime in March. Tried meeting her a few times later but never clicked because of conflicting schedules. Anyway she was quiet for a long time until a few days ago she contacted me again by sms. She asked was […]

Moan like crazy lover – Fia

Moan like crazy lover – FiaMaster: Shah When i got number i directly sms her and she didn’t reply.  After one week i try again and at last she reply she in outstation and will come back another few days.  Damn…i cannot tahan anymore…after few day i sms her again and make appointment ( at […]

Little nipple NL – Fia

Little nipple NL – FiaMaster: Thundercats Last time I asked Fia contact from our Big Bro…. He gave me a number then without further delay..I sms Fia…. she reply immediately asked me “who r u..” the i reply.. your new friend.. then asked her whether she is free to meet up… she said I’m free now… then […]

Innocent Sweet & Chubby Fia

Innocent Sweet & Chubby FiaMaster: Tom Here to report on my latest adventure. This time another NL:  On Sunday, feeling the urge to test another NL menu and decided to call Fia. On Friday before that I already informed her that I’ll find a free slot during office hour this week, so I checked whether […]

Nice BJ ‘Gatal’ Malay girl – Fia

Nice BJ ‘Gatal’ Malay girl – FiaMaster: anonymous I got her contact from webmaster sometime ago, i contacted Fia to make appointment. after chatting awhile , she got to know i was indian and she said she don’t serve indians. i was rather disappointed. about a months later, suddenly she sms me, asking whether i’m […]

FR WONDERFUL MALAY GIRL – FIA, Kuala Lumpur, Malay Girl – Fia

FR WONDERFUL MALAY GIRL – FIAMaster: ERICSatisfaction guaranteed :Fia- a wonderful ,adventurous & hard coreencounter with a sweet& sexy NLAfter getting the contact, l initiated the SMS communication to her.She said she only meet at hotel which i responded she book the hotel.after i comfort with her she SMS me hotel & room no. & […]

Great times shared with the radiant and elegant Fia, Kuala Lumpur, Malay girl, Fia

Great times shared with the radiant and elegant FiaMaster: Dr Cheong We had some good time yesterday with this great lady and really felt the need to write this FR just to let fellow cheogstars know that there is a rare gem in town only. I have been enjoying this lady of substance for some […]

Fresh chubby Local girl – Fia, Kuala Lumpur, Malay girl, Fia

Fresh chubby Local girl – Fia Master: Dr S Set an appointment with her last friday, and she said on, so I know my weekend will start with a bang!! She arrived a little bit late because she takes the train to go to the hotel but well, you know, patience is a virtue, hehe […]

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