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First Fuck is the Sweetest– Cititel NL Mary.

First Fuck is the Sweetest– Cititel NL Mary. Master: HyanFirst cut is the deepest—guess many of us have gone through this stage of life.  Having the 6th cut being the latest (broke off with my gF of 7 years 2months ago), my didi finally cannot taHan the ‘itch’ and I being the taiKo decided to bring […]

Mandy – Cititel Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Mid Valley, Cititel Hotel, SPA

Mandy – Cititel Midvalley Cheongster: rimjob4girl this is my first field sorry if its not up to the mms standard.l went to cititell last monday(11/1).greeted by friendly OKT.i went straight for package with no massage since im alone.few girls was paraded and i choose one NL. but as i pick her,OKT said the girl […]

Nicole – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cititel Hotel, Thai Girl

Name: Nicole Got a nice SYT to share with bros… Her name is Nicole, 21 years old thai university gal. She’s here on a holiday with a friend, and is looking at some side income to “finance” her university studies….So to all my generous bros interested in helping out, here she is….kekeke Her contact no […]

Cititel FR – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cititel Hotel

Cititel FR Cheongster: ilikemamak long time din CK, coz recently alway direct contact PRC, so saturday decide go cititel CK. after taking shang hai mee at there, a OKT ask me want to msg or not, i say i want CK, then he bring me to a place for CK, a bro sit opposit of […]

Bibi – Cititel, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Mid Valley, Cititel Hotel, SPA

Bibi – Cititel Cheongster: master-mamak Thx 2 bro kinhoe n okt Ah Siang, finally get 2 bonk tis legendary Bibi. My slot is @ 8pm, so got there @ ard 7:50pm, greeted by okt n was told tat my session might b delayed 20min or so! While waiting got 2 d cafeteria 4 makan 1st. […]

Cititel – Moon FR – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Cititel Hotel

Cititel – Moon FR Cheonster: Kasyah79 Just got back from cititel again. the story, go there around 6++pm, greet by okt ah hing. As for mirror, and walla around 10-15 WL parade in front of u. 2 NL, else CKT. After watching them for a while, ask for Moon, wearing all red. This time straight […]

Chanel – Cititel , Kuala Lumpur (KL), Mid Valley, Cititel Hotel, SPA

Chanel – Cititel Cheongster: KRYLL11 Had some time off about a week ago. Don’t know what to do, so went to Midvalley at around 11am. After penat already walking around, I thought why not try out the famous Midway. Went up, but still close. Baru 11.45am like that you see. Missed the fact that it […]

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