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Bukit Bintang Pinoy – Chloe(pic)

Bukit Bintang Pinoy – Chloe(pic) Master: RV *** Chloe Photo(2 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** Name : Chloe Age : 30 Height : 5’4  Weight : 45 KG Package Offered : PS / OV / OD / ODT / SFD / Escort Package Damage : 1) PS – RM300 / 1hour / 1shot Hotel […]

Local Chinese 21yrs Student – Victoria(pic)

Local Chinese 21yrs Student – Victoria(pic) Master: Future  *** Victoria photo(5 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** Get Victoria contact from web mater, quickly make appointment with her. Reach the hotel, knock door, first feeling she quite tall, face like the girl next door. After bathing together, we play 6969, she eating my banana, i […]

Pretty and Tight Jennifer-Thai

Pretty and Tight  Jennifer-Thai Master: Ramana  I got her for overnight from an OKT. Outcall to my Condo in KL. She is good looking like a model. Can Manage English. The agent arranged drop to Condo. She asked to take shower and she followed after me. She came in a towel and started with CBJ. […]

Extremely sexy, very attentive Pinay – Tammy(pic)

Extremely sexy, very attentive Pinay – Tammy(pic)  Master: Mark *** Tammy photo(1 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** I am searching for the perfect experience, although my time with Tammy wasn’t perfect it wasn’t half bad either!! She’s in one of the hotels/residences around Bukit Bintang, I forget the name.. She is extremely sexy, very […]

36D Tall Russian 3P babes – Karina and Diana

36D Tall Russian 3P babes – Karina and Diana Back on 22 Dec 2013, please go try first! Master: ngcmn  Manage to get Katrina’s number and messaged her.. 1st thing she asked was when i want to come to her.. then i asked for her for her rates.. then manage to get a threesome session […]

1st Middle East girl I’ve ever tried – Godiva

1st Middle East girl I’ve ever tried – GodivaMaster: ngcmn So i coincidentally met this freelancer some where and decided to give it a try … manage to book her on a sunday evening.. Finally the day came and i went up her hotel room.. actually it was not hers but she loan it from […]

36C gentle soft 168cm Japanese Girl – Mariko(pic)

36C gentle soft 168cm Japanese Girl – Mariko(pic)Master: Anonymous *** Mariko Photo(1 pcs), please click! *** Last week met a 28 yr old Japanese girl called Mariko. (think she looks older). Call her number to set up appointment but have to wait because got other customer. So wait for about 2 hours because she say only […]

Sweet Young Local girl – Candy, Kuala Lumpur, Local girl, Candy

Sweet Young Local girl – CandyMaster: TotalFew weeks, back, went to KL to attend a friends wedding.Dropped by the above mentioned famous SPA.I like this experience because its like a love making session, and not Banging a Sex Worker.This SYT is willing to please, allow you to make love to her, and is not money […]

Wonderful Nasi Lemak – Ogy, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, Malay Girl – Ogy

Wonderful Nasi Lemak – OgyMaster: MathHi there i went coxxna inn last 2 months,i went there to stay 1 night because just came down to hometown kl from work matter in kelantan.i reached at 5pm n went out to lepak in B.Bintang,while walking i found a OKT in that area.So i contact the number given […]

Local girl work part time for money.(Only 2 days), Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Bintang, Local Girl – Jia Jia

Local girl work part time for money.(Only 2 days)(Today session is full, please book for tomorrow 7 Mar 2012)Master: Lim 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 Name: Jia JiaAge 22from penangday time job sales gal at bukit bintangHeight: 156 cmWeight: 45kg.Breast: 34C boob.RM 220 include hotelshe will part timeshe usually do at bukit bintang after day time job.

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