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The Gigantic Boobs – Echa

The Gigantic Boobs – Echa Master: Aziz After MCO lifted, feel itchy long time didn’t massage, i text her. she reply directly. then set the meeting during lunch hour. she agreed. drive to her place at city centre. she give me the location. she stay at 4 star hotel. go to her unit/room using worker […]

B2B with 40D huge breast!! Echa

B2B with 40D huge breast!! Echa Master: Watcher I got her ctc  from webmaster. I fell in love with the ‘stories’ he told me and decided to meet her. Saw opportunity to get out alone for few hours. Contacted her asking about about sessions deals, she replied positively. Straight went to the place. She stay […]

36C Firm boobs – Mariko(pic)

Hot and Sexy Mariko!(pic) Master: Boy Boy *** Mariko photo(7 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** Thanks to bro webmaster for contact. I saw her a few months ago but only recently have time to write FR. After reading previous FRs of Mariko, got very excited and contact her. She was fast in replies and […]

Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic)

Look alike 16 yers old PRC – Fang Fang(pic) Master: sex_hunter *** Fang Fang(34 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** *** New Fang Fang(10 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** went to Bukit Bintang….. then text to Fang Fang see she free or not This is the second time i try Fang Fang, because forgot […]

First time of 20 years young Xiao Yu……Time Square(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Xiao Yu

First time of 20 years young Xiao Yu……Time Square(pic)Master: ctpang *** Xiao Yu Photo(3 pcs), please click here! *** Xiao Yu told me that Malaysia was her first overseas country visiting after 20 years she was born.And also she first time celebrate her Chinese New Year here…..And her first time make love with stranger…Her first […]

Time Square hunting., Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Mira

Time Square hunting. Master: Mat I’m still young(24yeras) and this my first time I’m doing not with my girlfriend. Feel really nervous. I got number from webmaster to contact OKT. I message her ask about the new girls. She replied, yes and she is Vietnam. She promote vietnam and chinese but, then I reply I […]

BTS – Xiao Li, Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Xiao Li

BTS – Xiao Li Master: crocodile Actually, i had went to met her few weeks ago, just that no time to write fr of her…she is actually quite charming, I met when I was passing by bts and just call her to check her availability. And she said she just wake up (12pm). And I […]

The Famous BTS Xiao Qing (小琴), sexy naughty student cosplay ! (pic), Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Xiao Qing

The Famous BTS Xiao Qing (小琴), sexy naughty student cosplay ! (pic) Master: wanwl 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 I have always read about her from many brothers’ FR and have never thought to trying her but today feel itchy and really wanted to have some good amateur service, thus gotten her contact from our master here. As usual […]

First time with Russky, Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Russian Girl

First time with RusskyMaster: craven28 Normally I cheong at SPA and Massage, first time make contact and arrange. Not a good one but still manage to bonk a Russky – Yulia, the most recommended. first reach the car park, been ask to wait at block b lobby, after 10 minute, receive a call to go […]

Bring you to heaven and to hell within second – Little Piano (pic), Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Time Square, Xiao Qing

Bring you to heaven and to hell within second – Little Piano (pic)Master: Jack w5LDrTXCmisBITAhITAhLVHCml3DkA8+woYbcSExMCHCvDYhMTEhSXjDqy1PwoB8woPDocOxOsKow5FJJsKqwrLDlgFHLcOJXsKdw4lvw6zDkMKUw6Quw5Vqw7grTl8tw4vCicO6S2chMCHCq8OdUcOedsKdw4NzwrRKLQbDgcOBPcKsJCpyw4F0SU3CusKBwqzCgy1KwpLCthbDq8KNwr3CnUXCqGXDtivDs8KpwrEtw7V2KsKhUsOCecK5ZcKywrHCl8Krw5/DmGUtwpF1wprCgV8uwrY8wrXDoxfCj3LCpcKiw6Etw43DmsOGesKtX1Y/AxYfwrzDv8K0PmYtNsK8E08rw6rDm3zDqMOGw43CkCzDsCEzNCF5LRxHwrMSITEwISE0NSF6w7AeF8OhwpXDmVE9Ui1zwprDu8Ojw6PDvR/Cmjh6YyEwIcKtAgLDvS3Cu3kGcnrCpSExMyEkw4A8wrdvHk/Dp8KtLWrChcK1wqs2dMOZITEwIQ/Ck0/DigTCjgfChC3DhMK0cgEvICExNjAhUhXDtTXCs8OUw4B9BC3CjUnDlwLCosK+KiTDqcOaw7fDgMO8ZEFbLcKBw4whMTYwISEzOSHDm8OWwqM0FsOQw7vDogRQG8OLLcK8exJgwrQ3wod8w57DsXVzM0ouwpwtITE2MCHCpjHChSEwIcKzd3szwo1mwrlRaBUWLcKaI8OsITMzIcK1wow7wrRaw4dIVMKIITEyIcKdPi14wqfDs0HDtmnCnsKPG0LDlHPDl8KZw7p+LcO4LE9Uw69SacOnKy7CjnNbUS7DjS3DrhLCkcKhwr7DvMKvwqXDsMKDwodjwoXDpX4SLcKdwrI4w4ERw5ohMzQhZDtAwpIhMTIhJT3Dk28twoc+VMKGITM0IRvDjSEwIcK2K3Zuw4jDtcKSw5ktw6rDtDZtBCbCpMOvRXE0w77DlcOmSyExMiEtP8KbMMOcw4kmw5XCu8O7wqbDlsKkdiEwIcO7wq4tGQjCgsKQJcOxZzUZwofCggJ0bCEzNCHCry3DvhLDsT1XHmHDtAZzVMOtw5glYsOsLcKTwrshMTIhwpvDmi7CjFkbB8KWwo3DsjfDlgctITEzITgwwoLDjGrCiXLDqcK8w5ZWb1s+FS10w69QZMOdwpnDhgPDoXJiBE19w6FWLcKMw7TDusO9w6HCh8Ojw694eXEWEsOow655LcK/wrTDs8KxwoM0wqjCpCzDi8OkwroHKMOGw5gtw4FQBMKkw4HCtsO4NsOBMcKfwqwWw5nDj0EtUMK5w6zCksKXcRHDqU1Nw7vCnxbCrjzDsC0gITExIW3Dv8KoL8OgwrkFVsOrw78Uw7zCh34tw7DDusOEw4xmc8KbKHjDt8KREwbDqsKhw6Ytw7JoDsK9wqTDjGsPw6TCrcO+w4DCkGxify3CscKLwopfw7nCisOiw6JQw4PDqcK8cMKbS8KcLcKoZHbDjnDCi8KVw7tgwqQyKcOmJMOMTS1sw5U2MhsSw69ww5vCrMKRwpfDmXDChhAtfcOkE2Ifw47CliPCoTDCq8KKw4sUNGgtPsKxERNgMHTDkGPDusOzw5/Du8O5GsOJLcOXwrTCkSEzOSHCucOSwqk1A8OJw7wyMRHDs8ORLcK0W8KWw7bCncKFwpTDmlfDqsKjVDfCgsOOw4gtVUVRwrLDpShxw7Ugwq/DpMObd1shMTMhey3DusOWw7zCqMOtUiExMCEVXVvDkDdbw6vDjcKjLcOuITAhSMOswoxLw4BnasK5w6tK Let go for the rating 1st, then d story behind d rating:Name: Xiao QingAge: 24Face: 7/10Hometown: she told me is Guang Su (China)Body: Small & Cute, very hug-gable (156cm, 46kg) Cup: B (enough for my palm size)HJ: YesBJ: 10/10BBBJ: Yes 10/10CBJ: […]

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