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AFRICAN EXOTICS – Nelly(video) Master: Alvin *** Nelly Video, please click![Golden Key] *** My very first FL, will try to communicate my experience as clear as possible She’s a South African, read on other FL that she is a student here but after a bit of chic chat I think she is a working full […]

Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic)

Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic) Master: Ziegler  *** Kalake Photo(1 pcs), please click![Golden Key] *** Before I begin, I am never a fan of FJ. In my whole exploration, I have been a sensual/erotic massage Hunter. So I can say I have invested a lot since 2012 and mostly miss compared to Hit. But […]

Superb Boobs black pearl Student – Nelly(video)

Superb Boobs black pearl Student – Nelly(video) Master: Nagin *** Nelly Video, please click![Golden Key] *** Superb riding.  Rare black lady with big boobs, came across this FL,  from webmaster, in call only at Cyberjaya and Sunway.  Student age bout 25.  Meet at her place superb bj and cowride, very agressive with big papaya you […]

My first time and first African – Torera(pic)

My first time and first African – Torera(pic) Master: SnowWolf *** Torera photo(2 pcs), please click here![Golden Key] *** This is a story about my adventure with Torera. I had her contact. I quickly sms her in that night and go for her on the spot. She stay in hotel all time, so dun worry […]

An African gem that guarantee u never meet again! Kuala Lumpur, Sunway, African – Natalia

An African gem that guarantee u never meet again!(pic)Natalia will stay till 20 July 2011 only!Master: say 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 Name: Natalia (African student)Location: SunwayLook: 7/10Body: 7/10 (extra size)Boobs: 40H sizeHJ: 6/10BJ: 8/10Damage: RM 150/hour, RM250/2 hours (unlimited shots)Special Service: Drink sperm /Allow no condom without extra pay.Total Rate: 7/10U Should Try Her, Recommend 200%

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