Bloody Shiok PRC – Bai Mu dan, must try! (pic)

Bloody Shiok PRC – Bai Mu dan, must try! (pic)

Master: Zi Jian

I recently work very busy, finally had some time to write fr on my best bonk in my life with my fave Mongolian Sex Goddess Bai Mu Dan 

And, I must also thank you, my good bro kungfufuxker, u really is a hero , intro such a best Goddess!

Bai Mu Dan is an experienced professional masseur from the rural northern china, travelling being inner mongolia n dongbei. She is really very skillful in the art of meridian point acupressure and provides a strong pressure with her strong arms. The most memorable point during my session with her was getting to play with her big round d cup boobs while she was massaging my upper torso. 

She feels just like my own girlfriend when she was soaping me up in the shower, using her nimble fingers to tease my already rock hard penis. Bai mudan No wonder she has so many returning customers. I felt as if all the tensions and stress have been lifted off your shoulders and vanished completely. My world stood still and my time my moments with her lasted for eternity..The way baimudan 吹箫 was slow , fast and skilful.Steamy, hot sex followed and I could feel her super wet pussy with my finger while sucking her pink little nipples. 

bai mudan moaning in bed was so good that I almost released my load in her tight vagina. I pounded her in four different positions before i cumming.We fxcked like rabbits , Oh ! sweating profusely it was so intense and fun thanks to her cooperation n accomadting. she was accomodating and good service attitude . Absolute great value compared to ktv and escort agency which rip u off! A rare gem you cannot afford to miss!

Somemore Technical details: Bai Mu Dan has a mixed mongol/han features, nice almond eyes looks like a wuxia ancient chinese beauty, actually looks better than the picture,chiselled cheeks or cheekbone, squarish jaw and face. said to be auspicious face!!! nose is angmo call roman nose orshape like eagle or parrot beak, i also think this,high bridged curved and sharp nose blend well with the contours of her face to give the face more shape and 3D. and it is very rare and aupicious and beautiful, it is said that buddha nose something like that, i personally find it sexy as it somehow gives me a masculine strong assertive aggressive but yet hot and passionate feeling. I feel she got heard of man , spirit on her bosom! lol … 

just cant stand too much of 撒娇, should 柔中带刚. and she very豪爽大方.make u feel at ease like at for the eyes like cat feline or what chinese say 杏仁眼 almond eyes , at and angle not 180 degrees which each other but 160-130 degrees to each other , both ends of the eyes(i mean the side of the eye closer to the side of the face not middle) facing up . This makes her very striking and classical chinese look. Looks a bit fierce but in a strong and sexy manner. Have double eyelid and a little bit of eyebag(eyebag is natural from young not because of old, common amongst Mongolians northern chinese which many southern chinese dont have , this makes  her look classical beauty)  to add more lines and features and accentuate the beautiful contours of the face. rare for mongolian to have double eyelid. 

slightly tanned as recently she go jogging in the park to maintain her figure and practise gymnastic stretching and moves to improve her flexibilty and power. quite pretty exotic but looks a bit fierce even though she is sweet n genuine… maybe not fierce, i would say wild and horny. 163 cm abit of fats but more well toned and a little muscular yet voluptous.a little muscular firm stomach but very womanly at the same time , legs are extremely muscular but yet fair and smooth and refined well toned 丰满not very thin legs , especially thighs and calves, and little bit 翘 丰满and muscular tight round white fair smooth arse. 

Very rare beautiful gem. to me nice n curvy good bod feel…best set of natural boobs that i have played with in my life!!! best part of her bod and an awesome sight!, 38D cup boobs(bra cannot even cover her nipples, too big already squeezing and spilling out, she tells me she has a habit of sleeping in the buff because more comfortable without her bra squeezing her busts and trouser shorts panty bikini or g-string pulling on her tight muscular arse and legs…her tight smooth wet pussy and anus needs some rest too  )38D soft yet quite firm great shape n feel with soft pink nipples like a little virgin and white fair supple rounded 丰满 tits…like a blossoming white peony pussy nice pinkish juicy with no smell wet and tastes divine…Overall sex service v gd for newbie, she quite new to this line. 

The moment she stripped naked in front of me i almost choked on my saliva as i gulped it down and went through my adams apple…my penis erected so big like never before, biggest for her when she stripped into the buff, my penis was flowing with all the pre cum juice almost ejaculated!!!Shower together shuang爽 erotic rabba nice bod feel n those boobs r just fab, also she has great fingers, knows how to gently yet effectively arouse wif the stroke of her fingers on the bod, balls, just abv the anus n cock, damn shiok…We started frenching passionately like long lost lovers, I rarely find myself in a deep wet lip locked session with a WL. 

But this one was different, we definitely had a chemistry going.she sat on me in the sacred lotus position and just gazed at me. She bent over and planted a light kiss… which proceeded slowly into some tongue fight which roams inside the mouth and reaches very deep in , indees a deep amorous romantic frenching kissing. While this was going on, her hand would be stroking me all over. our hands explored each other. The session was like with a long lost lover. BBBJ is a fantastic super solid deep throat wif twirling of her tongue in the mouth wet slurpy style which is damn bloody shiok, she takes it nice n slow n goes on for quite some time with good eye contact!….

boobs fxck very good n pleasurable like a subway hotdog or 肉夹馍! lol…She really responded naturally n wonderfully to me playing wif her beautiful large boobs n my cunninglingus, super duper shiok feeling! great use of her fingers, tongue, bod n boobs…also nice eye contact n passionate frenching… i woulds say bbbj is gd mix of slurp suction n more of her magic fingers made more shiok as i fondled n squeezed her lovely boobs…acted like a baby sucking fondling n squeezing her boobs like drinking milk as if there is no tommorow, enjoyed giving her my cunninglingus as she has a heavenly divine lovely pinkish wet delicious pussy, licked her muscular gymnast legs and gymnast ass and cant resist the temptation, just went on and i even licked her anus which is also delicious! 

She responded naturally with gd moans caress of me hair n face n squirming while i got her high n wet…fj v enjoyable as she is accommodating n her curvy sexy bod n fab boobs accentuate the fj pleasure…Fj damn bloody shiok as again she responded naturally n wonderfully…v intense passionate sensuous womanly feel, .quite tight n accommodating to any positions…cld see n feel her orgasm, really gushing wet!!, which was v enjoyable made more shiok by her moaning to me to squeeze her beautiful boobs harder n pump me cock faster n harder as she was abt to cum…n at that v moment could feel her whole body shivering squirming, she holding me tightly .missionary on edge of bed with her legs wrapped aroundd me neck sometime waist pulled close with feel of her boobs n passionate frenching n asian cowgal where she looked like a big boobs porn star boobs jiggling up n down she squeezing and mashing my penis and testes with her tight powerful vaginal contrattion and strong legs, her pumping n grinding damn bloody shiok…

I must say she can beat the outer mongolians who r said to be highly sexed. She is my type, 真功夫, real female kungfufxcker, she loves sex, has extremely good stamina and skill and force , loves it rough and hard!!! Sometimes even asked me to fxck her like a 强盗. cannot 客气 just fxck her real hard And when she fxck me squatting on top me using her leg power and strength bom bom bom pom pom it was overwhelming!!! Very strong flexible legs  becauses she is a former Chinese gymnast, learned practice gymnastics back in China last time . such a busty china woman gymnast fxcking me, i am so honoured!  almost had a heart attack ! Her muscular kungfu killer gymnast legs are so powerful and strong flexible and agile you can imagine her doing leaps flying kicks jumps and somersault tumbling , with such extremely superior  physical prowess used on kumlan fxcking riding jumping on me and other sex positions, i must tell her to control the force and speed or my legs break penis break n balls bursts! She can just kill, maime me and burst my balls shatter my penis and even these 2 even goes up my stomach with just one kick from these extremely powerful flexible strong agile muscular legs of a champion gymnast, really gymnast killer legs , kungfu legs!  lol  

She can do ballerina leg with great ease to the front on my shoulder or another variation 燕式平衡 wushu gymnastics move where the leg is stretched straight to the back and upwards while i fxcked her from behind!!! whooa !!! heavenly!!! wait…let me take tissue paper and masturbate first , i cant take it anymore i already oozing with pre cum juice.. and other flexible acrobatic positions and even fxcked on top me in gymnastics splits!!! In the end i cant take it any more and cummed when i was on top fxcking her in missionary with her legs spread 180 wide to the side exactly like a gymnast!!! after fxcking i still got a lot of pre cum juice, i must book 2 shot session, so to shoot and flow out all my cum and pre or after cum juice untill no drop of sperm is left me me than i am satisfied!!! 

with her powerful leg and body actions on me especially when on top of me performing her gymnastics sex routine, the power and speed almost broke my leg man, my leg become so pain with such force and plus  with so much ejaculation , my legs were weak like jelly 脚软腿软.  I was dripping with sweat after a kungfu sexercise!!! so tired, so she gave me a soothing massage n some cuddling n frenching hugging whispering sweet nothing like long lost lovers…Overall i had an enjoyable time with bai mu dan…nice personality n good gfe…strikes me as a nice genuine mm…a real gem for those who like big boobs mms who enjoy sex! now no streetwalker,fl or legal brothel wl interest me or can satisfy me,i am so mesmerised by bai mu dan that i dont look for other women.Now I can’t run away from her 五指山 , only want her nobody nobody but bai mu dan… If she is my wife I no need to find other women , not for the weak hearted, enter the Tiger’s den at your own risk…My heart and soul is eaten up by this horny tigress, Bai Mu Dan is the BEST , I LOVE BAI MU DAN !!! 我爱白牡丹!!!

Name: Bai Mu Dan
Nationality: China Mongolian
Age: 28
Body: beautiful shape, big boobs
Kiss: Kiss, french kiss
Massage: Good massage
BBBJ: Perfect , can CIM
Service: Perfect
GFE: She like i massage her breast
Return:100%, she is the one i want
Damage: RM 150

Location: Cheras
Category: PRC
Remark: She only serve Chinese

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