Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic)

Penang Black Queen Kenya – Kalake(pic)

Master: Ziegler 

Before I begin, I am never a fan of FJ. In my whole exploration, I have been a sensual/erotic massage Hunter. So I can say I have invested a lot since 2012 and mostly miss compared to Hit. But it’s okey because the real thrill is when you exploring the best service.

So this time I came across a lady from Kenya. 
She will advertise herself as “black Brazilian queen”.

Contacted her somewhere in August. She’s staying in a high end private condo in Desa Hartamas. Texted her once reached and she ushered me to her unit. I clearly told her what I wanted a day before and she accommodated more then what I could ask for. I asked for a Nuru massage and sent her an example of video how does that work.

Her service is simple. Basically she will give you what you ask for. If I’m not mistaken she’s working as a beautician because she does hair service for ladies.

She set her leather sofa as her massage table, played sensual music and she excused herself to change.
After a while she turn up in a red lingerie and red inner wears. She heated up the nuru gel. So the massage started just like how we all used to watch in videos. It started with back.

The massage was soft and truly erotic. She knows how to tease when she approach my thigh and near the didi area especially from the back.

Then she asked me to turn in front, where she came to lie her body on mine, and began to massage me by sliding the whole of it upon me. I hesitated to touch her for a good 15 minutes.

The gel on her limber skin felt too inviting. I had the courage to touch her and started by sliding my hands up her thighs as she brought her hands down over mine.

She will strip herself slowly which is the best ever experience where your didi currently wants everything. She BJ-ed me her ass is facing me. I used my fingers to do the necessary. She add more oil and start sliding her body against mine . And finally she stroke my didi with lots of oil. I climaxed and the rest was history. That was a good session.

Name : called herself Black Queen 
Height: tall like really tall
Face : 6/10
Body : 9/10 model.. not advisable for chubby/busty fans
Skin : 10/10
Cleanliness : 10/10
Service : no rush at all
BJ: 10/10
WIR: of course anytime 
Damage: RM 555

Location: Penang
Category: African

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