BJ with warm water…licking my balls… Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Summit Hotel, Yuki

BJ with warm water…licking my balls…  

Master: Tissue

First time writing a FR… so please don zap me for lousy the lousy sharing. Gave OKT a call and went to summit at night. He told me that he has 7 girls there… Vietnamese and PRC. 

Excited and got the room number and went straight to the room without hesitation. When i enters the room, i was surprise that there are 4 PRC in the room….they are really friendly and invited me into the room… they chat with me for a while…but i feel shy and weird … coz i got to choose 1 girl out of the four girls. 

there is a door in the room connecting to the next room where there is a Vietnamese girl inside… so i knocked on the door and a Vietnamese girl opens the door. Too bad, not only she is not pretty… but she also behave defensive ..thinking that I will rape her… so i immediately close the door… continue chatting the the 4 PRC. Actually all of them are acceptable… really… and i decided on a PRC name Yuki. The reason that i have chosen her is bcoz she is pretty… my cup of tea la.. hehe..

So the show begin, we chat for a while.. and she really has gorgeous face… and very young… only minus point is she has some pimples over her face… but not alot. After some small chat.. she begin to take off my cloths.. and led me to the bathroom… I expected to shower together.. but she only came in after i done with my shower… saw her body… and she has amazing body… really young body… and i like her nipple… coz it is pinkish and also small size.. breast is about small B.

We started chatting on the bed.. and she lean on my body…just like a gf…and later she begin to catbath me.. and she is naughty coz she will purposely kiss on your sensitive part…and of course…BJ with warm water…licking my balls… it took about 10 minutes.. she lean over again…trying to reach the condom under the pillow… i helped her and she asked me why so fast wanna put condom edi.. i said no ar… and she put the condom aside and continue BJ me… and then i turned her over… and it is my turn to catbath her… she don allow FK.. and also eating her abalone.. but i am fine with it.. coz got to respect her… after that, she BJ me again. and the show finally begin.

her abalone is really nice… fair and not hairy.. no ky… natural water… not really tight la… but nice feeling.. her moaning also quite natural.. did about 30 minutes.. and i was sweating alot.. and she asked me whether want to rest for a while.. i said ok… and later continue again… she asked me how come i can do for so long.. i said dunno… hehe… and obviously we already ran out of time long ago.. she she finished me with a HJ… took shower myself… and after then we continue to chat… for another 15 minutes..really has GF feeling.

Name: Yuki
Age: (dun know..but i think about 20 based on her firm body)
From: PRC BEijing
BReast: 7/10Small B (pink and small nipple) i like the color alot…
Face: 7/10
BJ: 7/10
Height: 160cm
Skill: 5/10
GF feeling: 8/10
RTN: 9/10
Damage: RM168 + RM2 tip (actually i thought RM140 but i gave her RM170 with tips… after i left the room and i text OKT only i realised it is actually RM168… feeling sorry for not tipping her… maybe i will go back again and tip her more)

PS: she will be leaving in another 10 days….
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  1. Cym says:

    Dear all bros, this is my first FR… Hope you guys out there give some opinion..
    Today went to summit hotel Spa. My second time there after few years have not been there. Reach there and greeted by the okt and usher to the cafe area..order a cool Chinese tea and okt asking what do I want to do, they have massage and also the package (only local 3NL and 1ckt.. So I asked for viewing and the small parade come out.. Notice the second NO which is tall and a little bit meaty on the bottom part.. Bit the boobs kinda big (I am a books lover) so told the okt that the 2nd lady I want.. Cut the long stories short….
    Standard SOP wash here and there of course help by her and I also wash her up.. Starting with light massage and continue with b2b.. Funny thing is that I felt something is soft is poking my ass and I feel good.. Then I notice that she is dfking my asshole. I lift up my ass and her enjoy my hole..hmmm my little bro wake up and hard as steel pipe.. I told her to do 69 and I get the taste of her Pussy.. Clean and smells good.. I eat it and attack her ass hole as well… She keep on pushing her butt to my face probably she is enjoying it. I told her if she keep on going bbj my bro is going to blow anytime and she stop, capped and ride me like long lost bf. Kisses her big melon and suck her nipple left and right.. After 10min my little bro cannot tahan and I ask her to cim and she do it with an devilish smile.. Gulp it all down and keep on sucking my dick as she have not tasted cum for along time.. Rest, wash up and put back my clothes and bye bye.
    Name: forgotten
    Race: NL
    Age: Milf
    Boobs:36d (I guess)
    Butt: 7/10
    Pussy: clean shave and no smells
    Face: average (milf mah)
    Bj: 8/10
    Ar: 9/10
    Skill: 9/10
    Gf: 7/10
    Damage: package rm 260

  2. clab says:

    phone number please

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