Big sexy Lin

Big sexy Lin

Master: Gene

This is the 2nd time that I have make an appointment with her. The first time it was 3months ago. I would make more appointment if not of the far place for me. Parking is also quite a problem in this area but because of the other ppl not available, I decided to try my luck since I still keep her number.

At first there was no reply so I thought another disappointed day but after  I have finish my meeting, I had a message asking me to come over after dinner. I replied ok and drove to the place early to have dinner and smoke first. When the time comes, I call her and ask whether can come now she said sure.

The door opened and was invited to go in and had a short chat asking do you remember me blah blah. I clean myself and saw the mirror like what other FR have written. Not sure is good or not but what the heck. I just lay down and let her do the message. To be honest, it was quite good as she apply the correct pressure at the right place. Almost dont want to stop the massage but suddenly she ask whether im ready i said yes.

She play with my didi for a while to make it hard and the gave a bj as well. Rub her big breast to my didi and i said let me doggy you. she was ok and it’s good. I didnt want to change other position and just came. I am surprised why it is so fast. She said im good but i feel shy that time. She went to clean herself and i had one smoke before paying her.

Name: Lin
Age: Dunno, could be 40 or more
Size: Big
Face: 5
HJ: 6
BJ: 4
GFE: 3
Price: RM150
WIR: Yes

Location: Batu Cave
Category: NL
Remark: She all races, 1 Malaysia 🙂

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6 Responses to “Big sexy Lin”

  1. Izhar azri says:

    Can i have lin number ?

  2. Lai says:

    any form of contact bro

  3. AY says:

    Can i have contact

  4. Zellman says:

    contactt please

  5. bob says:

    contact please,..

  6. Liew says:

    Can I have a contact?? Will give you exchange ASAP.

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