Big 36D boobs – Coco(pic), Kuala Lumpur, Pudu, Sap Chuen Foodcourt, Coco

Big 36D boobs – Coco(pic)

Master: Sky

alright brader here’s my fr

After hearing alot about sap chuen, i decided to give it a try.went there park the car and paid rm3 for the indian fella. 

waited awhile den spotted this big boobs milf. i keep on looking at her den she came over to my car and nego. 

her looks from far was good but nearby was ok-ok i would say 6/10 la..nego and she said rm100 per round , i told her i need full service and she agreed, without hesistate i followed her up. 

that place looks abit doggy,but coundnt be bothered since its cheap,the room looks decent with cold a/c and a standard fj bed. so i undress n she undress and give me a massage. her boobs was really huge 36d and soft really cant tahan looking at that. 

she masaj me awhile and give me a b2b. thats the 1st time i got a b2b …i can feel her big boobs rubbing over all my body and she starting to rub it and play againts my didi,seeing the movement and her horny face make my didi rise like no tomorrow !!! 

she den cap me a give me cbj.. she is very skillful and she suck my ball n my nipple and keep on rotating make me feel so syiookkkk ! i almost cum den i told her to stop.. den i started with missionnary for a good 5-10 mins ! her pussy was tight and wet and her moan was real give good slow n sharp tempo. it feel so syiok. den she stop me and cowgirl me. the feeling was so good and shes really skillful i dont know why it feels so good like shes trained to make u cum faster that way, i upload all my soldier while she cowgirl me, i feel defeated, wth her cowgirl skill was so good i cant believe i only manage to make 2 position !! damn i wanna go doggie somemore 🙁 

after that she clean me.. i tot she gonna wear her cloths and leave already, but to my suprise she ask me to lay down and give me a good back massage with some popping sound for a good 10 mins and neck massage , while doing it we chat for a bit and she said she start work at 8 and im her first customer. now i know why shes so wet lol.. after all i feel satisfied with her service and i will deff return for a revenge. btw i got her ctc and she ask me to call her b4 coming to avoid disaapointment, since she say nowaadays alot of angin.! btw she stay in kenanga ! if u guys wan a real big 36d coco is the one to go !!!!!!!

Name : Coco
Age : she said 24 but look like 29
Race : Chinese
Look : milf
Height : roughly 150
Weight : roughly below 50
Bust : 9/10 with round bowl bust & small browny tits
3S : 36d, 26, 35
Blow Job ( BJ ) : Yes, 7/10, almost cum
GFE : 9/10, start kissing me and give me a good massage
Pussy : 7/10 , very skillful and can feel tight maybe she use her muscle lol
Fingering : Not allowed
Moem : Yes, her moan makes me feel syiok and cant tahan long
Damage : MYR 100.00

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  1. mhdfairus says:

    Hey bro..can share coco CTC pls..

  2. Mar says:

    Share contact please bro. Thanks.

  3. ken says:

    bro can i have her contact number

  4. Kenny says:

    What is the golden code and how I get her

  5. SengLoong says:

    bro….pls share coco contact no…

  6. dabruce says:

    Golden key please. Thank you.

  7. Dabruce says:

    Golden key please @ Thank you.

  8. Ken says:

    Can share her contact pls?

  9. Rj says:

    Can share her contact nbr pls n her golden key password

  10. Will says:

    Please share contact bro, thanks in advance

  11. Jackson says:

    Hello, i heard about this Coco with good servive. may i know her number or how to get her? i read the report also i feel horny already.

  12. Raven says:

    Kindly share her ctc

  13. hau says:

    wechat or contact number please

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