Best service Deep Throat from Maria(pic)

Best service Deep Throat from Maria(pic)
(Temporary at Penang, 1 Apr back to KL)

Master: Tan

This is my first FR and thank you for make this really happen. So I got this contact last two days from webmaster and itchy want to try local CKT. Found out that she’s available so I texted her be there at 12:30pm. She is staying at one resident apartment near town area. So I parked my car near the apartment and she message me her floor unit. Then I entered.

The house was so dark with no lights at living room nor kitchen. I can barely see her face but she was wearing sexy red colour lingerie. She has short hair and her body is perfect, yet the ass is so smooth and so round. The house was empty and she led me to a room that with dim lighting inside. Then she passed me a towel and directed me to take a bath by myself. After I’m done with shower, she was waiting for me in the room.

She asked me to strip together with her, her two big spotlights facing at me and got my attention staring at them immediately. First she started with 10 minutes oil massage, massage was weak as I felt that she’s playing piano on my body. At the same time we had conversation and I realised I am the first customer of the day. Next B2B continued and followed by catbath, she slowly lick my whole body and even my asshole. This is my first time trying ass licked and it felt really really good.

Then she started BBBJ for a while, suddenly she deep throat my dick, I can feel her throat is warm. So I requested DATY and she agreed. With the 69 position and I ate her pussy like there is no tomorrow. Her pussy was dry first then slowly getting wet and wetter, at the same time I heard she starts to moan, I think she enjoyed it. Finally she capped me on and asked me to fuck her. We performed missionary as I go slowly while grabbing her boobs, she was holding my hand and her face is so horny. Then we changed to doggie, as I pumped her hard and harder, her moan was getting louder and even louder. We were both sweating and I can see her legs are shaking. Finally I couldn’t hold anymore and I let go everything.

Overall session was fantastic as she is very accommodating and high GFE. We talked to each other like long lost friend and she said she’s going back KL on 1st April. I will definitely visit her again before she go back KL. The only imperfection is to shower alone and light massage.

Name: Maria
Area : Georgetown Penang
Origin: KL
Age: Late 20s
Race : Chinese
Height : 160cm
Face: 9/10 ( Short hair with flawless skin )
Body: 8/10
Boobs: 7/10 ( Abit hard but round )
Skin: 10/10 ( Smooth and fair )

Pussy: 9/10 ( Shaved and no smell )
Massage : 3/10 ( Piano )
B2B : 7/10 ( Not sure silicon or natural )

Catbath : 9/10 ( Whole body including ears )

AR : Yes ( First time trying this )
BBBJ: 10/10 ( The best I tried and with Deep Throat )
DATY: Yes ( Yummy and juicy )

CIM : Never try
DFK : Never try
FJ: 9/10 ( Missionary and doggie )

Moan : Yes ( Don’t think its fake )
GFE: Yes ( No rush )
WIR: Yes before 1st April
Damage: MYR 350 ( Includes CD )

Location: Penang (Temporary at Penang, 1 Apr back to KL)
Category: CKT

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