Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira

Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira

Master: Mur

Yesterday. After i got the number terus call FL Aira. Make an appointment at 6:30pm Puchong area. I check in & sms her room number. 10minute later she came in. A plum and sweet girl i can say as she is. Chit chat for a while and we take a bath together. There was the fight begins.
At first she just want to clean up as both of us just came back from daily work, but after she sabun my brother with her soft touch it’s woke up and i ask her to bbbj my brother. After almost 5minutes i ask her to wait, and i run in wet to get a cap. In the shower i FJ her standing and standing doggie until i really geli then i stopped. 
Next chapter we continue on bed. I open my brother cap and let her bbbj again. I dont  DATY her since her juice was quite a lot coming out. Then cap again my brother with new cap terus cowboy. If you all hear her moan…pergh…banyak syiok woo..!!! Stim already telling you guys this story. I FJ her untill she ask for a break (Thanks to Catuaba…hihihi)
After that i ask for standing doggie again since she was not so tall, i pound her hole like 500 times but still my brother can tahan lama. She ask me “Abg ada makan ubat ke?” i said dah biasa…(i lied…hihi). 
Back on bed i do missionary and i did force my brother to the max. I ask her to kepit more and more then i explode inside her.. 
She admit “Wow.. Never get didi that can last for quite some times”…hihihi. After sambung chit chat with her, i ask her for a drink at a mamak stall beside the hotel. Then we balik our own way..

Name: Aira
Race: NL
Location: Puchong
Face: 7/10
Body:6/10 Chubby like a teddy
Height: 5’2″
Boobs:9/10 Big enough for me
Kiss: I dont kiss.
BBBJ: 7/10.
FJ: 8/10 Tight for my brother.
GFE: 7/10 I like silent but “Do” more.
OverAll: 7/10.
RTF: Will do. But want to try other FL first.
Damage: 250 + 50 room (Satisfied for almost 2 hours with her. Well, she said 1 shot..!!..hihi)

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9 Responses to “Banyak syiok woo..!!! NL Aira”

  1. ajak says:

    bro..share number pls

  2. KAS says:

    Please PM the contact No & Golden key. Thank

  3. scizer says:

    linda’s number please

  4. damnboy says:

    Contact pls

  5. MVP says:

    share number plss bro

  6. liriahk says:

    Newbies here seeking for the first NL. Share contact plzz.. urgent! TQVM.

  7. droba says:

    bro pm golden key and number please. thanks

  8. Haryy says:

    Kontk no aira?

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